The Good Phight Fantasy Baseball Part II

Just wanted to post an update to our league.  Changes a bunch of the settings around and I am going to post them here.  Any feedback would be great.  We have 13 teams (3 slots are open) and the draft is this Sunday evening at 8:15.  

Below the fold are the changes that I made.

First, changed us to 16 teams, though, it might not matter since we have 13 right now.  

Second, changed us to a points league.  Of course, that meant I needed to break out the spreadsheet and try to figure out what would be the best point values.  Here is the list and my (kinda) resaoning.


AB: -.3 (see hits)

Hits: .3 (this basically makes all "non-productive outs" a -.3 for the hitter.)

Runs: .5 (one half of a run scored)

RBI: .5 (the other half)

Singles: 1 (1 point per base)

Doubles: 2 (see Singles)

Triples: 3 (see Doubles)

Homeruns: 4 (see Triples)

Sac Hits (not flys): 1 (throwing a bone to the bunters out there)

Stolen Bases: 1

Caught Stealing: -1.5

Walks: 1 (see Homeruns)

Hit By Pitch: (see Walks)

Strikeouts: 0 (originally had like -.1, but figured that they now get added into the "non-productive" outs, which was the last thing I calculated)

GIDP: -3 (1 for your out, 1 for the runner's out and 1 for the base that the runner lost)

Total Bases: .2 (a little extra to those who hit the ball hard or often)

I calculated the season points for Utley, Rollins, Burrell and Howard.  This is how they came to be:

Utley: 419.8
Rollins: 476.3
Burrell: 354.1
Howard: 443.7

I think that is a decent representation of how much they performed last year.  Any suggestions are welcomed.


Wins: 5 (yeah, I know, whatever)

Losses: -5 (see Wins)

Saves: 2 (throw relievers a bone)

Outs: 1 (really the buly of their points added)

Hits: -1 (opposite of an out)

Earned Runs: -1 (Like RBI and Runs, undervalued compared to other stats)

Home Runs: -1 (worse than regular runs)

Walks: -1 (see Hits)

Hit Batters: -1 (see Walks)

Strikeouts: .5 (Makes them .5 more valuable than a regular out)

Batter GIDP: 3 (same as for hitters)

Holds: 1 (more bones for relievers)

Relief Appearances: .5 (more bones thrown)

Inherited Runner Scored: -1 (I giveth bones and I taketh bones away)

Blown Saves: -2 (offset saves)

I calculated Hamels, Moyer and Myers.  I acutally used Hamels and Myer's 162 game average just for S&Gs.  It only had Myers going like 165 innings (as a starter, did not calculate saves or holds), but here were the results.

Hamels: 462.9
Moyer: 255.4
Myers: 336

That puts Hamels in Howard's realm of scoring if he didn't sit a month and about twice as valuable as Moyer.  Myers at 165 innings is pretty good and would probably be around 370-380 points at 200 innings, roughly a little more valuable than Burrell last year.

Let me know if you think anything should be changed and why.  I presume most will be ok with this, but I like a little bit of controversy. I am debating making strikeouts 1 point, but that really makes them worth 2 points with outs being 1 point.

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