AAA Scouting Report - 23 JUN 2008

Had the pleasure of watching the Iron Pigs take on the Durham Bulls last night.  Went with the wife and had seats right against the field down by the home team's dugout.  After an hour long rain delay to start., here's what we saw:


JA Happ looked *really* good.  I believe the first hit and only hit he gave up was either in the top of the fourth of fifth.  A few balls hit hard to the outfield, but no screamers.  Walked a couple as well, but fanned 9.  A really good outing against a decent team.

Swindle came in to pitch the 7th.  He was entertaining to watch.  Guy was heckling him calling him Jamie Moyer after he threw a 55 mph curve up there.  Speeds ranged from 55-89 I think, which is pretty sweet.  Unfortunately, the Bulls had him timed really well.  First guy made an uneventful out, second and third batters timed his slow stuff and went to right field with back to back singles on very hard hit balls.  He got bailed out of it as the next batter lined one to second, and a runner was doubled off.  Box score shows a decent inning, 1 IP, 2 H, O ER, but in reality, he got hit hard by 3 of 4 batters.

Ennis pitched the 8-9th.  Looked good, but the Bulls were swinging at everything and just ready to call it a night, seeing as how they were down 7 and it was an hour later than normal.


Knott and King both hit no doubter impressive homers to left center.  I thought one had a shot at breaking a window on the adjoining offices, but not quite.  Jaramillo had an RBI single, but didn't look impressive.  Andy Tracy is slower than me.  Cervenak looked the best, as most of his hits were pretty well tagged.

Other Notes:

Andy Tracy appeared to pull a hammy running out an infield single.  Ball glanced off pitchers glove into dead zone between 1st, 2nd, and pitcher.   Run scored on that play, but Tracy is either ridiculously slow or was hurt on the play.  He stayed in, so I'm guessing he's Luzinski-esque.  He also appeared to be heckling the crowd in the 8th inning, saying something about "take your girlfriend" but I couldn't quite figure it out.

Mike Rouse got the bonehead award as he hit an infield dribbler, tried to leg it out but was called out on a close play (correctly I thought) and he started jawing at the ump.  Greg Gross half-heartedly restrained him, the ump turned to walk away and Rouse kept going and then finally gave up.  I'd have tossed him out of the game.  Next inning the first ball hit comes to him, and he bobbles it, letting a fast runner on base.

Prospects look pretty slim.  Other than Happ, I didn't see any one who really excited me.  Cervenak doesn't have a spot in MLB, and Swindle looks gimmicky. 


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