Phillies Breakfast Links, October 29, 2009: The Notorious L.E.E., Looking Ahead, Tough Tickets


Acquiring Cliff Lee is priceless for Philadelphia Phillies in World Series Game 1


Thomas Boswell - Chase Utley sets tone for the defending champion Phillies -

The most appropriate of all the ornery Phillies -- Chase Utley -- announced his team to Broadway. The gritty second baseman, probably Philly's best all-around player and surely its toughest customer, crashed two home runs off Yankees ace CC Sabathia to set the tone of this night.

Did he have to say "gritty"? What's wrong with "awesome"?


McCaffery: Phillies bring swagger necessary to win
Yeah it's not talent, it's "swagger." Please don't sell the Phillies short.


Win one for Konstanty - Attytood
Will Bunch knocks this out of the park. Great piece.


New Pics: Major League Stars At The World Series -
If you click on this link, I'll call you a Wetnurse and ban you.


First lady makes pledge if Phillies repeat
No, not a repeat from 1985 and "Just Say No!"


Pedro regrets tossing Zimmer to ground in 2003
"Dwarf tossing" is considered a bias crime.


No sex needed to get her Series tickets
Gah, kill it!!!  What is your first Phillies memory?
Mine is losing the 1983 World Series. Neat! What's yours?


John Legend to sing national anthem at World Series
Right after Alicia Keys and Jay-Z jump the shark together before the game (credit to Wet Luzinski for the joke).


Yanks out for revenge after Game 1 defeat
Wow, this is some awful writing.


 Imagine, George Steinbrenner building a new baseball cathedral and not having enough room for the press.
But, you got to go to the World Series.


Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop Dolan place bet on World Series
Okay, can we stop this now?


Jay-Z's 'Empire' to be clean for World Series
Is that Jay-Z or Kerwin Danley?


Phillies vs Yankees 2009: Phil and his men struggled in Game 1
Wait, does Phil Hughes have some connection to India that I don't know about?


Cliff's nifty glovework dazzles Yanks
For his next trick, he'll need a volunteer.



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