Who's on your postseason roster?

Pretty simple: it's your chance to go on record with the 25-man roster you'd carry in the first round against the Rockies.

If I'm not mistaken, the Phils went with a 6-man bench for the playoffs last year, giving them a 14-to-11 hitters-to-pitchers breakdown, and I'd expect them to do the same this year.  Still, do whatever you'd like, and go ahead and feel free to provide an explanation for anything you think might need justifying.

And with that, I'll cast the first stone...

Pitchers (11)
Cliff Lee
Cole Hamels
Joe Blanton
J.A. Happ

Ryan Madson
Brett Myers
Scott Eyre
Pedro Martinez
Tyler Walker
Brad Lidge
Antonio Bastardo

Position Players (14)
Carlos Ruiz
Ryan Howard
Chase Utley
Jimmy Rollins
Pedro Feliz
Raul Ibanez
Shane Victorino
Jayson Werth

Paul Bako
Ben Francisco
Miguel Cairo
Greg Dobbs
Matt Stairs
Andy Tracy

The bullpen really is a mess.  Probably the biggest surprise is the inclusion of Antonio Bastardo; in reality, it's not going to happen, but I think it's a good idea.  It's the product of a domino effect that begins with Happ's inclusion in the rotation.  I think he's best utilized there: the Rockies are less effective against LHP (.765 OPS) than RHP (.792 OPS), and J.A. had success against Colorado this year, tossing a shutout back on August 5.  It was tough leaving off Condrey in favor of a kid with very little major league experience, but I like him better than Escalona, and given the sharp platoon splits of some of the Rockies' lefty mashers (Helton, Gonzalez, Stewart, Hawpe, even Giambi off the bench), it would be irresponsible to head into this series with just one left-handed reliever.

I think most of the other decisions are pretty straightforward.  It's a pipe dream that Bruntlett will get left off, but I think I'd run the risk of having to go with an inferior pinch runner at some point so I have the reward of a bat on the bench (Tracy) that isn't totally punchless.

For what it's worth, here's Zolecki's take on how things are shaping up.  And be sure to check out SB Nation's coverage of the Phillies/Rockies series.

Alright, everyone else is up... who ya got?

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