Phillies Breakfast Links, November 5, 2009: Too Depressed to Eat Breakfast, Ma Edition

My last few playoff fill-ins on Breakfast Links were wonderful opportunities, for which I remain grateful. This morning, however, I have been passed a bitter cup: Skipper has tapped me to take one for the team on the morning after losing the World Series. Per Skip: Post some links and get out of there. Get on with the offseason while the Blog Lords get a head start cleaning out their lockers. But it breaks my heart. Just hard to watch. Just, just...Hurt.

So I tried to give the Yankees props. I'll even cop to the notion that they were the better team, and think that Matsui being the first Japanese player to win Series MVP is a great story, way better than this one, even though it came at the expense of Chase Utley.  And if you thought last night sucked for you, imagine if you were this guy. Even, to a lesser degree, this guy. 

But then I took a look at this:

Ghosts of '57 Game 7 remain just that

I swear this was one of the first postgame links out there last night. But for crissakes, the lede that you take is that it's a damn shame there's no game 7 in Yankees Stadium, and this continues a 52-year drought of game 7s? Right there-RIGHT THERE-I tapped into the vein of deep Yankee Loathing from which I will never return. It just seems like this is what America would be like if the Nazis had won. Don't believe me? Then try this.

So even though I feel like one of those guys in the late afternoon at the Aqueduct, stooped over below the day's post-racing cigarette haze picking through discarded betting slips looking for a winner, there really is reason for optimism as a Phillies fan, say, compared to the last team that managed to beat the Yankees in the World Series. Still hurts though, even though this '09 team didn't quit. Even though Manuel has plenty of room to be second-guessed.

Transit union chief says he's "most hated" man in Philadelphia. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver breathe easier. Everyone else has to walk or ride their bike to work. Meanwhile, in New York, well, you know.

Ogasawara busts out but keeps poker face.Game 3 of the Japan Series. Maybe somewhere over in Japan there's a slugging third baseman. And now it's official: the Japan Series is the baseball equivalent of Branson, MO. Go Ham Fighters!

That's all I have stomach and time for this morning. Feel free to add your links in the comments. Thanks again to all for a fun season. Until right now. Wait 'til next year.

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