Braves Shut Out Phillies, 4-0, 160 Games To Go

So, opening the season with two losses and zero wins after a championship season, huh? Well, it's okay. Why? Come on, you guys have 160 games left to play! Are you serious? It isn't the end, fans...160 games. That's a lot of time to fix that record. And besides, they can bring revenge tomorrow!

One-hundred and sixty games to go. So the recap won't effect their season:

After losing on Opening Day to the Braves, 4-1, the Phillies looked to bring revenge with Jamie Moyer pitching. Not really. They lost, miserably, 4-0, in a blowout defeat to the Braves, again.

Forty-six-year-old veteran-pitcher, Jamie Moyer, looked to bring it on but couldn't pull it in. He allowed four runs on eight hits and struck out and walked two. It was okay but the part that was the key to the game was the four runs allowed.

Opening the season 0-2 isn't so bad. Having 160 games to go, maybe the Phillies can be a good squad like they were last year.


The game started out with Kelly Johnson. He shut Moyer up with a homer. Chipper Jones was the next American Idol to win, by having a double and scoring on Garrett Anderson's single. Kudos to you, Garrett! Jones came back regain his crown with another homer to make it 4-0, which was the final score.

"It is weird," Howard said.

Let's hope the Phillies improve to the Championship team they were like last year. 160 games to go and anything can happen. Misconceptions have been going on in the games. It's time to stop it and turn back into play-makers.

"It's baseball," Moyer said. "You go through your good times and you go through your bad times. It's a matter of being consistent and making good pitches. It's as simple as that. At times I had pretty decent command, but the first pitch of the game was the first pitch of the game. [Johnson] squared it up and hit a home run.

"It was probably up in the zone, but a lot of times, you get that professional courtesy. That's not assumed, but they have a bat in their hands and they're supposed to swing it."

And when you swing it and it turns into a homer, that's how you get it done! 160 games to go, two played and two lost in. 

Can they improve?

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