Phillies Breakfast Links, July 23, 2009: Bullpen Troubles, Mad Fans, Roy Halladay Watch, Divorcing the Mets


Kyle Drabek allowed two runs on six hits, with seven strikeouts, in eight innings.

Roy Halladay Deal could get bigger

I wouldn't mind Marco Scutaro if it means we can jettison Eric Bruntlett...


Sam Donnellon: Here's hoping Lidge rights himself, and quickly

Talk all you want about winning streaks built against sub-.500 National League teams. Debate and salivate over Roy Halladay, and keep your eyes on Pedro, too. It's all worthwhile, especially in late July. Big picture, though? It's all an exercise in futility if you don't get your closer righted, or you don't find another good one to take his place.

Phillies Notebook: Troubles stretch into this year for Phils reliever Durbin | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/23/2009

(Chad) Durbin, a righthander, cannot control his sinker against righthanders. He now has walked 17 righthanders in 48 2/3 innings. He walked 17 righthanders in all 87 2/3 innings he pitched last season.  


Phils still need Lidge, Hamels to shape up
Because of the way modern bullpens are used, a manager cannot remove the "closer" from the 9th inning "save situations" no matter what. It's absurd and inevitably leads to failure, for the pitcher and the team.


Fan Feels Slighted After Catching Howard's 200th Home Run Ball
Stupid fan sense of entitlement. At least she didn't hold the team ransom for autographs from every player, bats, etc.


Are Philly Fans Already Peeved at Pedro?
Wait, was anyone really upset by Pedro Martinez taking number 45, or was it just an idiot radio host trying to generate controversy, and thus ratings?


I'm thinking of divorcing the Mets - NY Daily News
What a boob.


Two runs in ninth have Astros one game out

The Astros' rally began with a single by Ivan Rodriguez, who scored from first base on Chris Coste's double to left-center field. Coste, who was claimed off waivers last week and started in place of the injured Berkman, was going to bunt, but swung away after falling behind 0-2.  "That's the biggest thing, when you join a team in the middle of the year and then you get a chance to play, you definitely want to help your team win and personally succeed," Coste said. "There's nothing that will welcome you to a team like helping your team win."

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