Phillies Breakfast Links, August 25, 2009: Werthy, Metpocalypse, Wolfmother


Jayson Werth of the Philadelphia Phillies named the National League Player of the Week
Werd is bond.


Injured Phillies relievers Romero, Condrey throw bullpen sessions
I'm not expecting to get much out of either of them the rest of the season, frankly.


Rich Hofmann: Phillies' Cliff Lee reminiscent of another Lefty
It must stink to be a left-handed pitcher in this town. Every time you do something good, the inevitable comparisons to Steve Carlton crop up. There's no way anyone can live up to that.


Reports: New York Mets' Billy Wagner invoking no-trade clause
Rotting in fourth place is better than being in the thick of the playoff hunt, so says Billy Wagner.


Santana to have MRI on pitching elbow
I know we're Phillies fans and we're in the business of hating All Things Met, but... Jeez, this is just unreal. They're all gone. Literally. It's a Junior Varsity team.


Phillies seek better results at PNC Park
Sample size and stuff, but 8-11 in Pittsburgh is just unacceptable.


JILL PAINTER: Randy Wolf's mom hoping to add to memorabilia collection
Randy Wolf was a good Phillie and I wish him the best, but if the Phillies run into him in the postseason I hope he gets crushed.


Charlie Manuel gave them heck

"The one thing he stressed was: 'This isn't us,' and that hit home," Werth said. "Even though he was ripping into us, he was still very positive. I've played for people that tend to go 'negativetown' pretty quickly. With Charlie, there's always a positive undertone, and that makes a big difference."  

Jayson Werth, after Charlie's closed-door meeting with the team after the sweep against Florida earlier this month.  I love Charlie.


Myers throws scoreless inning in rehab outing with Lakewood
Love that the velocity is back to the low-mid 90s. Hate that he's a free agent and likely to leave, in that case.


Spilborghs' slam in 14th lifts Rockies past Giants
The Rockies now lead the Giants in the Wild Card race by four games. If the season ended today, the Phillies would get a rematch with Colorado in the NLDS.


New Britain defeats R-Phils 6-3
Yohan Flande hasn't exactly set the world on fire since his promotion to Double-A Reading.

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