A Certain Sense of Optimism

The twelve wings (six Medium, six Spicy Garlic) started to lose their taste and spice around the sixth inning.  Shane Victorino, who is usually so well with the bases loaded, hit out.  With the bandwagon Giants fans around me cheering, I slammed my fist into the table and asked for the check.  I wasn't going to risk being around these jokers in the event the Phillies lose.  I'd rather take my rage to the car radio for the two hour car trip home.

So when I heard on the radio the last at bat of Ryan Howard, I felt no anger, only sadness.  I had missed on another chance to see Brad Lidge throw that final out.  All I could honestly do is stare out the window and watch the rain.

While it hurt last year, it hurts even more so this year for me.  Why?  While the incessant texts from an old college friend every time Cody Ross (asswipe douchebag) did something positive did not help my experience this year or the fact it felt like everytime I posted something pro-Phillies I did not get a single response from any of my other Facebook friends in support (instead they were all pro-Giants or in one guys case pro-Jets....).  No, it hurt for me because I still have not experienced a championship in the moment.

In 2008, I joined the United States Coast Guard.  While I was able to watch the NLCS in its entirety, I unfortunately had to go to boot camp, and I missed the entire World Series.  I found out the Phillies won a week later in a letter from my future wife.  I pumped my fists and shouted with glee (It earned me a shitton of pushups, but it was worth it).  However, I felt sadness it happened a week ago and I was unable to see Brad Lidge throw the final out live.

FM was correct in his post.  This was an incredible incredible season.  The Phillies finished on top of the NL despite every expert picking the Braves to win the NL East after the All-Star Break.  A huge piece was added in the form of Roy Oswalt, who we get to see for the entire season next season.

However, the best thing to have happened this season was Roy Halladay.  I am extremely excited to hear the eventual announcement of him being the 2010 NL Cy Young.  It was also extremely awesome to watch his no-hitter, which was the greatest pitching performance I had ever seen.  I had always yearned to watch one, but always just missed it or whatever.  So it was extremely gratifying to see him throw his no-hitter and watch every pitch (except for the 1st inning.  I was speeding home from work).

Through these reflections, I am able to pull a certain sense of optimism of next season.  While it will be sad not to see Jayson Werth in right field, I am looking forward to seeing how much Dominic Brown progresses throughout a full season.  Most of all, I still feel we have a roster still full of playmakers and aces.  And I definitely feel like we have a great chance to win next season.  This team will take a good look at its offensive woes and see if they can adjust.

I am not like some people on this website where I look to the statistics and see things by them.  I still have no idea what the hell BABIP, GIBP, or whatever you guys kept quoting mean, and I'm quite honestly way too lazy to look it up.  Does that make me any less of a fan?  I don't think so.  I still got angry when the umpires screwed up the balk, still prayed when Brad Lidge pitched in the top of the ninth, and still openly cheered in my living room when the Reds failed to successfully hit a ball.

Either way, keep your heads held high my friends.  Baseball season will once again be upon us soon.

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