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Sitting here today with the World Series tonight, and the Phillies not going for the first time in three years,  I got to thinking back to all of the moments that made up this season, some were happy, others not so much, but all in all, a ride that I am glad that I got to take with all of you!

This year as phans, we survived:


  • The trade of Cliff Lee
  • Joe Blanton, Brad Lidge, and J.C. Romero starting the season on the disabled list.
  • Bad Kyle appearing early and often (although the offense did sometimes give him a bail out plan).
  • Jimmy Rollins straining his calf just prior to the home opener.
  • Over 100 starts by Juan Castro and Wilson Valdez
  • J.A. Happ joining the DL bandwagon. 
  • Ryan Madson losing a fight with a metal chair (can I suggest steel toed cleets??)
  • Tasers
  • Slumpmas
  • Being one hit (more than once)
  • Being shutout swept by the Mets
  • Being swept by the Braves (while falling from first to third in the Division)
  • The monster under second base/ the mound/ the plate
  • Carlos Ruiz going on the DL
  • Chase Utley and Placido Polanco going on the DL in one fell swoop.
  • Cerberez
  • Offense, offense, where are you?
  • Over half a season with at least one member of the bullpen on the DL
  • Getting to know Paul Hoover and Dane Sardinha far better than anyone would want. 
  • Going 2-6 to start the second half 
  • Goodbye Moyer (is it forever?)
  • Cole Hamels getting no run support
  • Good-bye Happ :(
  • Ryan Howard completing the infield sweep of the disabled list. 
  • Being swept by the Astros
  • Going the entire season without the starting pitching rotation planned for in Spring Training.
  • 152 games without the opening day starting lineup on the field.
  • Danys Baez
  • The big bats coming up small far too many times.
  • Getting shut out waaaaay too many times.
  • Losing the home finale.
  • A Juan Uribe sac fly heartbreak loss
  • A season ending K

But all of this was worth it for all of the wonderful moments the team gave us this year:

  • Roy Halladay joining the team with a contract that will keep him here for the next three years.
  • So many Phillies phans at Nationals Park for opening day that it became Citizen's Bank Park South.
  • Placido Polanco's opening day grand slam. 
  • Sweeping the Astros in Houston (and beating a future teammate in Halladay's first complete game of the year).
  • Complete game shutouts, particularly one by Jamie Moyer v. the Braves, the oldest pitcher ever to pitch one.
  • Good Kyle's appearances
  • A welcome back walk off home run for Jimmy Rollins. 
  • A first major league home run for Dane Sardinha
  • A nail biter sweep of the Reds that included:
    • Welcoming back Ryan Madson with a blown save, followed by Brad Lidge blowing a save.
    • Brian Schneider going from goat to hero as he atoned for a run scoring passed ball with a walkoff home run.
    • A six run ninth inning featuring multi-run home runs for two Phillies reserves. Ryan Howard (who had told Manuel when they were down by five in the sixth that they could win it if the bullpen held) walked off with a two run home run in the tenth. 
    • Welcoming back Carlos Ruiz with a perfecto breaking double, followed by scoring the winning run in extras.
    • Cole Hamels managing to work his way out of a bases loaded, no out mess without giving up a run. 
  • A one hitter by Hamels and the bullpen leading to a win that turned the season around. Placido Polanco broke up the zero-zero tie with a home run. It was his first in over a month and his last of the year.
  • 1-0 wins (who needs offense- pitching, we gots it!)
  • Following up losing six of seven with winning eight in a row.
  • Your 2010 Philadelphia Phillies, now with 100% more Roy.
  • Welcome Mike Sweeney and thanks for the hugs!
  • Welcoming back Shane Victorino with a pinch hit walk!
  • Jonathan Broxton is owned by Carlos Ruiz.
  • Welcome back Chase!
  • Welcome back Ryan- our in field is back together!
  • Roy Oswalt, left fielder- his joyful attitude and willingness to do what it takes to help the team won over fans... and helped to take some of the sting out of a 16 inning loss.
  • A six win seven game west coast swing that featured
    • A Jimmy Rollins matrix slide to beat the Padres in extras. 
    • A Mike Sweeney homer (Hugs!)
    • Cole FINALLY getting a win!
    • More Broxton p'ownage.
    • A Chase Utley grand slam providing the margin of victory over the Rockies
  • Phinally back in Phirst as Madson saves the game!
  • Sweeping the Nationals as Werth walks off!
  • Sweeping the Braves at home. 
  • The season coming full circle with the Phillies clinching at Washington with Roy Halladay on the mound on a rainy September night and enough Phillies phans in the audience to turn Nationals Park into Citizens Bank Park South.
  • A two homer night for Ben Francisco.
  • Celebrating Bobby Cox Day in Atlanta by beating the Braves!
  • For the first time in Phillies history, the best record in baseball.
  • Halladay's no hit wonder of a playoff debut- not only would Roy register the second no-hitter in post season history, but he would beat the Reds by himself in hits, runs, and RBIs. 
  • A Cole Hamels complete game shutout gem to give the Phillies their first ever post season sweep.
  • Oswalt's NLCS slide into the plate.
  • Halladay's gritty game five performance.
Share your favorite, and least favorite memories from the season here!

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