Yankee reaction to Cliff Lee's homecoming...

You know I find the reaction around the league (especially from the fans) to Cliff Lee's homecoming pretty amusing...but none so much as the Yankee's. Now I hate to pigeon hole all Yankee fans and thats truly NOT my intent here because I have many Yankee fan friends who respect his decision to leave both money and years on the table in favor of playing someplace he loves to those fans, please disregard this...


This goes out to the whiny ones like the member of Pinstripe Alley who wrote the post I cut and pasted after the jump...I realize your simple mind cant comprehend why Cliff wouldnt want to spend the next seven years of his familys life in the place that SPIT ON and threw beer at his wife but please, get over yourself...and to those who want to try and make the argument that the Phillies are trying to buy a have the biggest balls of all...what part of HE TOOK A LESSER DEAL to play in Philly do you not understand.


In the end...all the Yankee money and "prestige" couldnt top the happiness Cliff Lee felt in Philly and for that he will certainly go down as one of my favorite sports figures EVER.


Yankee fans...please...swap out your tampons and get over it....we'll see you in November...if you make it that far!


From Pinstripe Alley

Dear Cliffy Lee.... (Please Fwd to The Good Phight)

Dear Cliffy:

                     We the fans have appreciated the way you hogtied our nutsacks this offseason. Apparently Mystique & Aura are not appealing to you in the slightest. No problemo, we made a valiant effort to forgive what you've done to our team in recent years and even provided extra singles for you to party in the "Champagne Room" after we won it all together had you come to the Bronx. You obviously don't like the Yankees or the thought of playing here. That's fine, I just hope you don't mind the thought of rotten stadium sandwiches of the knockoff cheesesteak variety pelted in your direction if anyone gets an open shot. Now I noticed the Phillies don't come to the Bronx in 2011, unless they meet in November, so you're safe....for now. By the way, I always thought you were an a*****e.

                                                                                                                                                        Your welcome,


                                                                                                                                Loyal Yankee Fan & Member of PA

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