Further detail into the reasoning behind the Cliff Lee deal

For those of us who follow sports passionately and understand the mechanics about  how to build championship teams, the Cliff Lee Steal may be one of the best moves in Amuro's tenure.      But for the casual fan(of sports period) might be wondering: The Phillies have H20 why add Lee? Isn't it redundant?    Wouldn't that money have been better spent on for example re-upping Jayson Werth?


Let's look at the numbers first between the two:

Jayson Werth:




Cliff Lee's WAR over the last 4 years?  7.2, 6.6, 7.1, and a projected WAR of 6.7 this year.


Werth's?  5.1, 4.9, 5.1 dropping all the way down to 4.3 projected(though this number is skewed due to Nats suckage). 


The basic storyline is this: Cliff Lee's a great player, Jayson Werth is not.     Cliff Lee can win you games that Jayson Werth couldn't.      Let's go back to Game 4 of the NLCS, remember that collaspe? At the hands of Chad Durbin?   We won't be subject to that because Cliff Lee's the kind of guy who mows through innings quickly and just stays in the game.    

While Werth brought some stuff to the table, it's not like Brown can't replace him right away.    Brown has a CANNON of an arm.  A freaking cannon, he made plays last year that I couldn't believe and even as a casual baseball fan I knew that the kind of arm he had was something special, unique and not many guys have that.  

Just imagine what experience, learning proper technique and reads will do with an arm like that? Outs that might not have been possible, would be possible.    I think if Brown puts the work into it, a Gold Glove is possible with an arm like that and just mastering the fundamentals.

And I think the lack of bats last year really hurt Brown in terms of staying in a groove, because when  he first came over we saw his power translate into hitting balls deep into the gaps,  he looked pretty quick on the bases and he was just  incredible filling in for Shane Victorino.  

This year, we'll hopefully see the norm out of Dominic Brown:

That high slugging percentage,  his constant at getting hits and thereby getting on base.   But most importantly, kid doesn't strike out.      He gets hits, he has solid speed and he doesn't strike out.  He'll make an impact right away and I think with talent like that, there's no such thing as rushing it. He's probably tired of riding the lousy buses.


Oh, remember what I was saying earlier about his heckuva arm and how that could possibly with grooming and maturity could translate into a Gold Glove winner someday?    


The guy's played at pretty much every level of minor league competition, probably from the looks of it 7-8 teams he's played for really.   Check out these stats:


He's only had 33 errors, just 33.   He has more assists(38) then errors. And he's even managed to turn in 8 double plays, and given his defensive spotting deep down there on the field. It says alot about his arm.

Oh and the granddaddy of all stats: Fielding Perentage: I would love if he even translated HALF of what I'm about to type down: .959 or 95.9% Fielding Percentage.

Dominic Brown has earned the nickname "Demon".   Solid contact, speed, hitting into the gaps, doesn't strike out, powerful arm, great fielding.  

I don't see why   the Philies wouldn't wanna put this guy  in everyday  situations, I get the whole "We're too left handed" but really, so what?    It's a minimal disadvantage, but the development of Brown is far more important to the future of the Phillies Franchise.


Also take note of this: We drafted Brown in the 20th round, so quite frankly that 2nd round Nationals pick could in theory be a pretty solid player for us as well.  


Overall, by allowing us to further Brown's development and picking up one of the ACE of ACES over the last few years, the Lee deal gives us a significantly better chance to win now and down the line, then had we overpaid for a Carl Crawford or a Jayson Werth.   


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