Phils vs Yanks Preseason

First foray back to TGP after last years WS ended.  Can't find any spring training commentary so I thought I'd add my own.  MLB Network broadcasted yesterday's Phillies-Yanks World Series rematch.  I was smart enough to DVR it and was able to watch.  Bilzo's thoughts after the jump...

J-Roll: Led off the game with a homer on the first pitch he saw.  Typical J-Roll.  Now he's ruined for the year.  I did like seeing him plop down a very successful bunt in his second AB.  I wish he could do that more often.

Howard: Breaking balls still killed him yesterday.  He floated a pitch off the end of his bat for one single, and rolled one perfectly through the shift for another.

Werth: Looks like Grizzly Adams.  AB's were insignificant.

Polanco: Had a couple line outs to 2B.  His fielding looked poor.  He late fielded a good SH attempt, thereby turning it into a bunt single.  Also he fielded a high hopper over the bag and couldn't get the ball to first in time for an out.  I'm very concerned about his fielding.  Hit bat looked decent though.

Chooch: Drew a couple walks. otherwise unexciting.  Also had a PB.  Box called it a WP.  It shoulda been a PB.

Brown: hit a couple balls hard, but got under them.  Had a strong, but slightly inaccurate throw home.

Mayberry: drilled one out.

Kendrick: looked pretty good.  I was impressed

Contreras: looked awful.  Like Glavine without getting 2' off the plate...and he just kept throwing the same pitch over and over and over for a ball until he had to groove a meatball or two and the yanks drilled those.  ugh. 

Mathieson: gave up a run on a 2 out rally, but otherwise looked pretty good.  I'm hopeful for him.

Wise: got a hit and a SB.  Between him and Mayberry tho...found me wishing for Vic in CF yesterday.  Those guys couldn't run down a couple balls that I think Vic would've had.


Found the YES broadcasting atrocious.  I realize it's spring training, but they half ignored a lot of the Phils ABs and even missed the names of a few of their own players.  When Brown had his first AB of the game, it was split screen as they had some guys face on the screen while interviewing him.  Umm...couldn't they just talk to him while showing the game?  They never even mentioned it was Brown batting and I think he only got 1-2 pitches before F-9 so he didn't even register.


Anyone else's thoughts?

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