Phillies 2010 Over/Under/Never Events: Time to Play!



Now that I've procrastinated, now is the time to prognosticate. After Juan Castro's extra-base hit during Monday's opener, and now that my taxes are done, it's clearly way past time to get this baseball party started. Fortunately, some late feedback helped make this a better-designed contest (thanks all), so here goes:

For each of the in-game events described below, guess if it will happen before (under), after (over), or not at all (never)  during the regular season of 2010).

One entry per screen name. Enter in the comments below (copy and paste the table, and fill in your guesses in the second column). Tastykake reward (of some kind) for the best prognosticator come October 3. 

Update: Entries were accepted up until April 15, when Ryan Howard threw the ball into LF. June 1.5 was the over/under. Really, what was I thinking? Anyways, like the IRS, if you wanted to enter, you're now too late, and if you did, good luck waiting for your return.

Events listed after the jump, so, now:



Over/Under/Never Date

Unusual In-Game Event


April 18.5

Jamie Moyer's first quality start of 2010

OVER: Apr 22 vs ATL - 6 IP, 2R, 0ER, W


April 27.5

Rollins and Polanco combine for a 2-pitch, 2-out first inning


April 28.5

Ryan Howard's first "Golden Sombrero:" 0 for x, x K (N.B., if he reaches base in any way other than a dropped third strike, that will not count).


April 30.5

Cole Hamels berated by Chris Wheeler for "losing his cool out there/not having the right mindset/you just don't wanna do that kind of stuff out there."


May 1.5

Ross Gload's first game-winning RBI off the bench


May 2.5

First: Danys Baez (S) or (BS)

UNDER: Apr 15 vs. WSH


May 4.5

Jose Contreras wriggles out of a scoreless inning after surrendering 4+ walks/hits


May 8.5

Jason Heyward HBP thrown by Phillies pitcher

UNDER: Apr 23 (Jamie Moyer)


May 9.5

Walk-off HR from Phillies reserve

OVER: July 8 (Brian Schneider)


May 11.5

Game started by someone other than Halladay/Hamels/Happ/Kendrick/Moyer

UNDER: April 24 (Nelson FIgueroa)


May 12.5

First: Ryan Howard (SB)


May 15.5

Phillies left-fielder throws out a runner at the plate on SAC fly attempt (N.B.: Must be direct OF to player - likely C - covering home)

OVER: June 23(?) vs CLE


May 19.5

First: Multi-HR game by Phillie not named Utley, Howard, or Werth


May 20.5

First: Jimmy Rollins caught stealing


May 23.5

First: Win vs. AL team

UNDER: May 21 vs. BOS


May 25.5

First: Brad Lidge (S)

UNDER: May 9 vs. ATL


May 30.5

First: Brad Lidge (BS) (W)

OVER: June 29 vs. CIN


June 1.5

First Ryan Howard air-mailed throw into left field

UNDER: April 15 vs. WSH


June 14.5

Second: Win vs. AL team


June 17.5

Charlie Manuel ejected by umpires

UNDER: May 3 vs STL


July 6.5

Bobby Cox ejected by umpires at CBP


July 11.5

CG by Phillies pitcher other than Halladay

UNDER: May 7 vs ATL (Jamie Moyer, CG SHO)


August 30.5

"Now pitching for the Phillies: Number 45, Pedro Martinez."


September 15.5

First 3-pitch inning, either batting or pitching

UNDER: May 7 vs ATL (Jamie Moyer vs. Glaus/Diaz/Ross, top 2nd)


October 2.5

Phillies turn triple play

Extra Credit!

October 2.5

Phillies succumb to Interwebs fan pressure and put out the coveted bearded Jayson Werth bobblehead

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