Phriday Phillies Links Phor You: Summer of '69, The Meetings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Let's just get this pain party started by going right to the belly of the beast:

N.Y. Post: Pelfrey's Gem Leads to Mets' third straight shutout. Or here:

Pelfrey Leads Mets to Third Straight Shutout where this is really all you need to read:

"It was the most amazing series I've ever been a part of," right fielder Jeff Francoeur said. "The pitching staff was awesome."

Conlin: From one extreme to the other in Philly sports. After he gets the exhaust out of the tailpipe, I'll have to admit I've been having the same thoughts as Conlin about the Phillies lineup (::shudders::), although really, left unsaid is that Rollins' absence makes all of it moot. (Meaning debatable, with a connotation of irrelevant, you clowns, not mute. In the midst of this slump, if I see any one of you not blogging the right way, not doing the little things right, so help me...)

Placido Polanco is determined to get his boogies out. h/t to at the Fightins, who, by the way, is on a Phillies run-scoring hunger strike. And as for you, Mr. Peanut, last night's performance deserves this one to be spread around, even if it was just a scratch. Solidarity!

Phillies aren't concerned with Howard as singles hitter. Yeah, but if it was my $125 million, I might be.

Marlins-Phils Set for NL East Showdown. Next on the doorstep: the Marlins. The rest of the division is now within three games of the Phillies.

Lidge throws, could return Monday. Oh, um. Okay. If he comes in to save the streak-stopper, I... I... just don't know what I'll do.

In that same article, you may want to read how Rich Dubee's influence and a Joe Blanton headcold contributed to the Mets' baserunning adventures. Zolecki also reported another postgame meeting.

Slump baffles Thompson. So is being a major league hitting coach the best job in the world, or the worst?

Braves 8, Marlins 3. Chipper, Escobar Pile Up Hits to take series. Just wonderful.

Giants 5, Nationals 4. Seventh proves unlucky for Dunn, Nationals.

Out of time to do minor leagues. I believe Drew Naylor threw another nice game. Will attempt to fill in as the day permits, or you can hop to it in the comments.

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