Top 15 Positional Prospects

These aren't my rankings, I'm only using what the good folks at Phuture Phillies have suggested.  Out of curiosity, I thought I'd check in with how the Phillies top prospects are doing, and thought I'd share with the group.  For the sake of time, I've only made notes about the position players-- perhaps if I have time I can do the same for the 15 pitching prospects (or maybe someone else wants to?).

So here are the prospects' 2010 stats, along with a few cursory notes after the jump.

1. Domonic Brown; 22; AA Reading.  Many of us have been keeping tabs on Brown all season (with good reason) as he's put up a very encouraging .310/.384/.573 (957) line in 213 AA at-bats (26 BB, 47 K).  Something that jumps out in his numbers is how consistent all of his batting splits are.  There are no statistical outliers in any of his month-to-month, righty/lefty, empty/on-base, home/away, day/night splits for the entire season. 

And for fun, here is D-Brown's year-to-year SLG: (2006, .265); (2007, .407), (2008, .417), (2009, .504), (2010, .573)

I had the privilege of watching Brown play in person and while his outfield defense is "spotty" he definitely has a true RF arm.

2. Tyson Gillies; 21; AA Reading.  Gillies just returned from a minor leg injury, but he struggled considerably before the injury (.245/.287/.343 in 102 ABs with 4 BBs and 23 Ks).  I would say he's marginally performed better than Phillipe Aumont, which makes me want to throw things.

3. Domingo Santana; 17; A- Williamsport.  A friend of mine had a dream once where he found himself in a hospital room with a willing nurse.  But despite searching the entire hospital for one, he couldn't find a condom.  I think this is how 17-year old Santana felt, opening the season with Lakewood.  Before being demoted Santana showed a good plate discipline (29 BB in just under 200 PAs) but struggled with a line of .182/.322/.297 with 76 Ks.  I don't know what Santana's dreams were like.

4. Anthony Gose; 19; A+ Clearwater.  Gose's monthly OPS's are encouraging (634 in April, 774 in May, 843 in June) and reflect an improved control of the strike zone (also encouraging).  His season line of 269/334/405 (with 22 BB and 68 Ks in 264 AB) is better than his last year's (259/323/353) at a lower level (Lakewood). This, to me, is not nothing.

5. Jonathan Singleton; 18; A Lakewood.  .390/.483/.667 (1.150 OPS) in 123 AB.  22 BB and 24 K.

6. Sebastian Valle; 19; A Lakewood.  Valle's season line isn't orgasm-inducing (254/302/432; 15 BB/50 K in 213 AB) but he has popped 6 HRs in June.  In his last 10 games he has exploded for a 308/333/744 (1.077) line.

7. Jiwan James21; A Lakewood.  253/300/357 with 16 BB and 65 K in 277 AB.  His June is better (832 OPS in 64 AB).

8. Freddy Galvis; 20 AA Reading.  Season numbers of 239/284/274 are not good, but getting a boost from a much-improved (but small sample-size) June (54 ABs; 296/356/352).  Only made his 3 ER tonight at SS.

9. Kyrell Hudson; 19; Is listed on the Williamsport roster, which begins play on Friday (I think).

10. Jonathan Villar; 19; A Lakewood. 287/354/367 (18 BB and 63 K in 237 AB).  25 of 33 in SBs.  Has made 23 Errors at SS but I hear he makes them well.

11. Leandro Castro; 21 A Lakewood.  257/296/437 (15 BB and 47 K in 268 AB).

12. Kelly Dugan; 19; is also listed on the Williamsport roster.

13. Quintin Berry; 25; AA Reading.  Hitting well in last 10 games-- 313/478/438 (916 OPS)-- but still has a poor line for the season: 212/333/285 (618 OPS in 165 AB).  These numbers are worse than last year's effort (691 OPS), which was also at Reading.  I did see Berry's one HR this season, and he hit it right over the big coffee cup on the WaWa advertisement in RF.  My eyeballs tell me Berry is probably a better player than his batting-line.

14. Zach Collier is a mystery.

15. Anthony Hewitt; 21; A Lakewood.  Hewitt is also a mystery, but of a different kind.  He currently has 8 BB and 82 Ks in 225 ABs in A-ball.  His June OPS (942) might be encouraging if not for his monthly 19-1 K to BB ratio.  For the season, Hewitt's line is 240/290/404, which is a slight improvement on last year's 223/255/395 at Williamsport.


In short, there's lots to be excited about with Brown and Singleton, with some positive signs as well from Gose, Valle, and, to a lesser degree, James and Villar. 

As we well know, none of  these guys is in position to help the Major League team immediately (except in a trade), and only Brown figures to contribute in 2011.  There is still a lot of projection to happen (even during this season), as most of the Phillies best positional prospects are in the lower levels (NO prospects at AAA LHV unless you count John Mayberry and Phuture Phillies doesn't) and still early in their own developmental process(this is also true of the pitching prospects).

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