Stat Notes - September 5

The buffet today features some fresh stats on the Phils' big 3, and a Triple Crown update highlighting Carlos Gonzalez.

Phillies Starters
When the Phillies acquired Roy Oswalt, these were the NL rankings of the Phils' top 3:

NL rank  (out of 52 qualifiers)         Through 7/29  
Halladay 2 2 1 2 3 7  
Oswalt 19 11 6 6 6 31  
Hamels 22 35   15 12   27   34  

Updated through Saturday (SIERA through Friday):

NL rank  (out of 51 qualifiers)         Through 9/4  
Halladay 6 3 1 1 3 5  
Oswalt 11 11 9 11 5 28  
Hamels 15 23   8 6   13   29  

- Halladay has stayed at or near the top of the league.
- Oswalt has moved up in ERA while falling back in FIP and SIERA
- Hamels has moved up significantly, and has a 2.75 ERA since May 16th

"Very Bad" Starts
Admittedly arbitrary, I label a start as Very Bad if the ER allowed are greater than the Innings Pitched.  In the Phillies' first 92 games through July 19th, they had 11 Very Bad Starts (VBS), and 50 Quality Starts (54%).  Since then they've had only 1 VBS in 44 games, with 29 QS's (66%).

Games QS VBS  other
first 92 54% 12% 34%
last 44 66% 2% 32%

Triple Crown
Non-Phillies note for a change, but significant enough that I think it needs to be tracked.  In spite of the advent of new stats in recent years, the Triple Crown still captures the imagination.  There hasn't been a Triple Crown winner since Yastrzemski in 1967, and none in the NL since Joe Medwick in 1937.

Batting Average Home Runs RBIs
1. Carlos Gonzalez, COL .335 1. Albert Pujols, STL 35 1. Joey Votto, CIN 98
2. Joey Votto, CIN .324 2. Adam Dunn, WAS 33 2. Albert Pujols, STL 96
3. Starlin Castro, CHC .321 3. Joey Votto, CIN 32 3. Carlos Gonzalez, COL 95
4. Martin Prado, ATL .317 4. Mark Reynolds, ARI 32 4. Adam LaRoche, ARI 90
5. Albert Pujols, STL .311 5. Carlos Gonzalez, COL 31 5. David Wright, NYM 90

Gonzalez has inserted himself in the race in recent weeks, and it's largely due to his performance at Coors, where he's been phenomenal -- I don't think I've ever seen a more extreme home-away differential:
Home -- .391/.436/.790 (1.226 OPS), 24 HR
Away -- .275/.295/.434 (.729 OPS), 7 HR

Prior to this year, in 620+ PAs he's had a more conventional home field advantage:
Home -- .273/.313/.488 (.801 OPS), 10 HR
Away -- .251/.313/.392 (.705 OPS), 7 HR

So his Road performance has barely budged, but his stats at Coors have skyrocketed.

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