Projected Lakewood and Clearwater Rosters for 2011

I'll try my hand at figuring out who will play where in the Phillies low and high A affiliates next season. I'd attempt the Reading and Lehigh Valley rosters, but those will be so bare outside of the bullpens that they're not worth the effort.


Lakewood Blueclaws - Low-A

1B- Chris Duffy/Kelly Dugan if they actually go that route (This position is certainly the biggest unknown)

2B- Cesar Hernandez

3B- Aaron Altherr assuming the 3B switch works out

SS- Edgar Duran(.567 OPS with the Crosscutters, though I imagine they advance him anyway as he's started in the VSL in 2008, then the GCL in 2009, and in Williamsport in 2010)

C-  Cameron Rupp

RF- Domingo Santana, assuming he plays well enough in minor league camp

CF- Gauntlett Eldemire (might play in Williamsport if they really want Hewitt or someone else in there)

LF- Miguel Alvarez

Remaining OF's- Collier, Hewitt, Brian Pointer(probably Williamsport)

DH- Dugan/Duffy

SP- My best guess would be Jesse Biddle, Kevin Walter, Garett Claypool, Jacob Borup and  Nick Hernandez probably (Not sure about Jonathan Musser). Eric Pettis relieved for the Blueclaws late last season, so they may slot him there. Perci Garner probably starts in Williamsport.


Clearwater Threshers- High-A

1B- Durant is gone and Singleton is trying LF, so Darin Ruf probably stays here, at least to start the season.

2B- Jeremy Barnes and/or Alan Schoenberger, both had decent years for Lakewood.

3B- I have no clue, but some guy named Adam Buschini played for Lakewood, so probably him. System guy regardless.

SS- Troy Hanzawa of a .538 OPS played there last year, but Galvis is likely staying at Reading, so this is probably still the guy.

C-  Sebastian Valle

RF- Leandro Castro (Played left, but with Singleton trying LF, he'll have to switch over)

CF- Jiwan James

LF- Jonathan Singleton

Remaining OF's- D'Arby Myers, some other system guys, someone from Lakewood by midseason assuredly

DH- No clue.

SP- Jarred Cosart, Brady Colvin, Trevor May, Jonathan Pettibone, Matt Way (Nick Hernandez could spot here as well but he'll probably start back in Lakewood given his health concerns last year)

I don't know enough to pick out the relievers for either squad, as I don't pay close enough attention to the GCL, DSL, or VSL squads. I believe Zeid is going to advance to Reading, given his great success and his age. I imagine Aumont should relieve in AA as well, though they could slot him in A+ to start the season. Wertz will likely relieve for Clearwater or Reading. Julio Rodriguez has done everything he can at Lakewood, but I can't see him slotting in the rotation at Clearwater so he may serve in the bullpen as he did in Lakewood. Colby Shreve could slot here, but they could also place him in Reading as he's age appropriate for the Eastern League.


Overall, both squads are packed with prospects, particularly pitching and outfielders. Clearwater will certainly compete for a championship with their ridiculously stacked rotation, though their infield outside of Valle will be quite barren. However, place Howard at first, Utley at 2nd, Rollins at SS, and Brown in RF and you may very well have your 2014 Phillies squad. Between Valle's HR power, Singleton's fantastic bat, James's speed and unbelievable athleticism, Castro's overall great play and attitude, and a whole load of strikeouts from the entire rotation, this team is stacked.

However, Lakewood is possibly even more prospect-packed than last year's team was, though on the whole they are significantly more raw and undeveloped. The OF is stuffed past capacity with athletic, high ceiling guys, and whether one of them could certainly become the next big prospect in the Phillies system by this time next year. Or, they could become Anthony Hewitt. More likely the latter, but there are enough that at least a couple will figure out how to utilize their athleticism. Outside of SS, the infield is equally talented, though some of the particular positions (1B, 3B) are attempted switches so whether they stick is uncertain at this point. Cesar Hernandez, Cameron Rupp, and Aaron Altherr are all highly touted and projectable prospects. Kelly Dugan is an unknown after injuries derailed 2010, but as the Phillies first draft pick from 2009, he certainly still has a great deal of potential. The rotation will be filled mainly by 2010 draftees, and of course Rodriguez. Biddle certainly has the best pedigree of the bunch, but Rodriguez's numbers were ridiculous in both relief and starting efforts. Out of the others, Garner has the highest ceiling, but as a converted football player, he is also the most raw. This squad has a great shot at winning their 3rd straight championship in the SAL.

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