Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, October 4, 2011: Pistachio Girl in the Afternoon Shadows

Pistachio Girl on her own in peanuts-and-Cracker-Jack world of Phillies ballpark | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/04/2011
She is either j reed's soulmate or the most hilariously bad date of his life. Get dialing. Player quotes ftw.

Stadium shadows could play role early in Phillies-Cardinals Game 3 - MLB - Sporting News
The Shadow knows.

Phillies hoping to find key to unlock Jaime Garcia's fastball | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/04/2011
It's neither under the mat nor in the mailbox. Did you check with the neighbors across the street? Or in Colorado?

A Tale of Two Cities Talking -
I admire Mike Tanier's ability to get paid to describe listening to WIP on Monday morning.

Second-Guessing Hall Of Fame Manager Tony La Russa - Baseball Nation
The manager part of me says that Garcia is well aware of his home-road splits, is young, and believes he is better at home.

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " Kudos to Tony La Russa

Given that roughly five minutes elapses between the end of the previous at-bat and the start of the next, fans were treated to about 25 minutes of advertisements and, generously, five minutes of actual game play. As a fan, that is just awful.

How Much Action is in a Baseball Broadcast? -

An oldie but a goodie.

So how do the modern games compare with Game 6 of the 1952 World Series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees—the oldest complete-game broadcast that MLB has in its possession? While the amount of action was roughly similar—about 13 minutes—we tallied only nine minutes and 44 seconds of commercials. The tally for today's games, 42 minutes and 10 seconds, was more than four times as high.

Phils not angry with strike zone, but should have been
If you missed yesterday's ALDS discussion thread, we banged this around yesterday a bit. h/t taco pal.

Phillies' Pence is Hunting Lefties | BoopStats | 10/03/2011
What's left, beating under the floorboards, is the heart of a lonely Hunter. Damnit! Get me rewrite.

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