The Good Phight Fantasy Baseball 2011

I think this is my favorite picture.

Pitchers and catchers reported last weekend. Spring Training games begin next weekend. But for the truly obsessed, baseball isn't really here until fake teams have been drafted and the smack talk has begun in earnest. Well, by popular demand, it's back! Now is your chance to apply for entry into the legendary TGP Fantasy Baseball league.  

Unfortunately, we no longer have the sweet deal with for a free commissioners league, which means we will need to find a new venue to host our yearly extravaganza. Not to fear. We'll take our talents elsewhere.

[UPDATE by FuquaManuel, 02/21/11 5:18 PM EST] Turns out we'll be using after all. I took down the poll because it's not relevant anymore.

After the jump: league info, instructions for applying, and a poll...

General Info:

I'd like this year's league to be neither super competitive nor super relaxed, but somewhere in the middle. I've always hated participating in leagues where half of the managers have abandoned their teams by May, so if you don't plan on staying at least somewhat involved through the whole season, don't apply. On the other hand, there is no money at stake, so it won't be too intense. All that's in it for you is (hopefully) a roaring good time and the eternal respect of the TGP community (and perhaps a small prize) should you be lucky enough to win.

We'll be using a roto format (as opposed to head-to-head) with anywhere from 12 to 20 teams, depending on demand. The statistical categories that will be used are still TBD, but this being a SABR-slanted blog, be advised that the league scoring will likely also be somewhat SABR-slanted. Once we've picked all of the participants, we'll set the other league rules and pick a time and date for the live draft.

To Apply:

Returning managers from last year's league will get dibs:



j reed

Remember the Phitans


Jose and the Contrarians

Alex Falzone

Wet Luzinski

Chris Haines



The Dark


WholeCamels has already bowed out this year, but if you are one of these people and you'd like to play again, reply in the comments with "re-up" in the subject line.

If you didn't play last year and want in this season, reply in the comments with "YAY GUYS!" in the subject line and give me your best baseball-related haiku. I can't guarantee everyone a spot, and preference will be given to long-standing members of the community, so channel your inner Wet Luzinski. 

Applications will close at 8 PM on Sunday, February 27th. 

Finally, please vote in the poll below so we can decide which platform to use. 

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