Winnah Winnah Ovah / Undar / Nevah

After 353 days, we have results for the 2010 Over/Under/Never Challenge.

Results and winners after the jump.



Over/Under/Never Date

Unusual In-Game Event


April 18.5


Jamie Moyer’s first quality start of 2010

OVER: On April 22, in Atlanta, Moyer pitched six innings, giving up two unearned runs, striking out four, and claiming his second win of the season.


April 27.5

Jimmy Rollins and Placido Polanco combine for a 2-pitch, 2-out first inning

NEVER. However on April 8 and July 24 respectively, they combined for two 3-pitch, 2-out 1st innings.


April 28.5

Ryan Howard's first "Golden Sombrero:" 0 for x, x K (N.B., if he reaches base in any way other than a dropped third strike, that will not count).

OVER: On August 24, against Houston, Howard had one of the worst offensive days of his career—a Platinum Papal Mitre, if you will—going 0-for-7 with five strikeouts, before being relieved by Oswalt in the 15th.


April 30.5

Cole Hamels berated by Chris Wheeler for "losing his cool out there/not having the right mindset/you just don't wanna do that kind of stuff out there."



May 1.5

Ross Gload's first game-winning RBI off the bench

NEVER. The Gloadiator had 9 RBIs off the bench in 2010, none of which were the GWRBI.


May 2.5

First: Danys Baez (S) or (BS)

UNDER: On April 15 against Washington, Baez came on in relief of Antonio Bastardo, and promptly turned a 4-2 lead into a 5-4 deficit, pitching one inning, giving up two hits, two walks, three runs; and collecting the blown save and the loss.


May 4.5

Jose Contreras wriggles out of a scoreless inning after surrendering 4+ walks/hits

NEVER. Big Truck had his share of scary but scoreless appearances, but never with more than two runners.


May 8.5

Jason Heyward HBP thrown by Phillies pitcher

UNDER: On April 22 in Atlanta, en route to his first Quality Start (see No. 1) of the season, Moyer plunked Jason Heyward with a 74mph heater squarely in the shoulder. When Heyward returned to the plate seeking a measure of revenge, Moyer struck him out looking.


May 9.5

Walk-off HR from Phillies reserve

OVER: On July 8, against Cincinnati, Brian Schneider, starting in place of Carlos Ruiz, broke a 3-3 tie in the 12th with a solo HR to RF, before being tragically impaled by Shane Victorino.


May 11.5

Game started by someone other than Halladay/Hamels/Happ/Kendrick/Moyer

UNDER: On April 24 at Arizona, Nelson Figueroa pitched five innings, allowed five hits, two walks, two runs and struck out four, earning a no-decision. Incidentally, the save in that game was awarded to someone we all know cannot close.


May 12.5

First: Ryan Howard (SB)

OVER: On July 23, against Colorado, Howard stole 2nd off of Aaron Cook and Miguel Olivo. He came around to score on Gload's HR.


May 15.5

Phillies left-fielder throws out a runner at the plate on SAC fly attempt (N.B.: Must be direct OF to player - likely C - covering home)

NEVER. The closest came on August 20, against Washington, when Ibanez threw out Ian Desmond at 2B.


May 19.5

First: Multi-HR game by Phillie not named Utley, Howard, or Werth

OVER: Ross Gload on August 10, in a 15-9 loss to Los Angeles. Starting in place of Howard, Gload went 3 for 5, with 2HR and 4RBI. Domonic Brown hit his first Major League HR in the same game.


May 20.5

First: Jimmy Rollins caught stealing

OVER: August 24, against Houston, Rollins was thrown out at 3B by Humberto Quintero in the 347th. Ironically, Victorino's first CS of 2011 was by Quintero today.


May 23.5

First: Win vs. AL team

UNDER: On May 21, the Phillies defeated Boston 5-1. Cole Hamels pitched a seven inning gem, giving up three hits and one run while striking out eight. Rollins was removed after straining his calf in the 6th.


May 25.5

First: Brad Lidge (S)

UNDER: On May 9 against Atlanta, Lidge retired three batters on eight pitches--all of them strikes, saving Hamels’ 5-3 win.


May 30.5

First: Brad Lidge (BS) (W)

OVER: June 29 at Cincinnati. Lidge retired three batters on 27 pitches, only 13 of which were strikes, and gave up 2H, including a three-run HR to Joey Votto.


June 1.5

First Ryan Howard air-mailed throw into left field

UNDER: April 15 against Washington. J.A. Happ picked off Nyjer Morgan, who was trying to steal, and Howard unwisely attempted a touchdown pass to WR Raul Ibanez. Morgan came around to score that inning.


June 14.5

Second: Win vs. AL team

UNDER: On June 13, the Phillies defeated Boston 5-3. Hamels pitched another seven inning gem, allowing one run on five hits, while striking out eight, and throwing 80 of his 113 pitches for strikes.


June 17.5

Charlie Manuel ejected by umpires

UNDER: On May 3 against St. Louis, Joe Blanton was called out for interfering with Cardinals’ catcher Yadier Molina. Cholly lumbered out of the dugout to argue, and was ejected by umpire Andy Fletcher.


July 6.5

Bobby Cox ejected by umpires at CBP

NEVER. The most ejected manager in Major League history with 158, Atlanta’s Mr. Cox was not ejected in any of the nine games between the two clubs in Philadelphia in 2010.


July 11.5

CG by Phillies pitcher other than Halladay

UNDER: On May 7 against Atlanta, Jamie Moyer pitched perhaps the greatest game of his storied career, a complete game two-hit shutout. Over nine innings, Moyer struck out five, with no walks, and earned a Gamescore of 88, the highest of his 628 starts.


August 30.5

"Now pitching for the Phillies: Number 45, Pedro Martinez."

NEVER. Despite many hopes to the contrary, Ruben Amaro Jr. did not resign Pedro Martinez. Instead, he traded for Roy Oswalt.  


September 15.5

First 3-pitch inning, either batting or pitching

UNDER: On May 7 during his shutout of Atlanta, Jamie Moyer threw a three-pitch second inning, allowing a single to Troy Glaus, drawing a double-play groundball from Matt Diaz and getting David Ross to groundout.


October 2.5

Phillies turn triple play

NEVER. Of the three triple plays turned in 2010, the Yankees, Mets and Mariners each turned one. Both the Yankees’ and Mariners’ triple plays were against the Athletics.

Extra Credit!

October 2.5

Phillies succumb to Interwebs fan pressure and put out the coveted bearded Jayson Werth bobblehead

NEVER. Despite the obvious need for such an important piece of history to be memorialized in bobble-head form, the Phillies’ front office neglected to follow through. The beared Jayson Werth lives on, however, in the art of the the immortal Zoo With Roy.

 Honorable Mention: Aphilfan, for refusing to pick the never for any of the events, wins a two pound carton of Grade A, guaranteed fresh and pure Alaskan snowballs.

Second Place: Bilzo and PhillyFriar, each with 14 points. In addition to the carton of snowballs, WL, what have they won?

First Place: Taco Pal and Quakerfan, each with 15 points. In addition to the carton of snowballs, WL, what have they won?


To everyone else, better luck this year, and don't worry: there's no shortage of snowballs to be won.

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