Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, May 10, 2010: Aces, Fast and Wet

Phillies Notes: Halladay, Johnson in anticipated matchup Tuesday | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/10/2011
Josh Johnson: Spy in the House of Love.

Utley appears to get his fielding legs back in extended spring game | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/10/2011
Bill Conlin on the Utley beat. Seems that the narrower the topic, the better his writing. Also, I wonder if the Phillies will promote May 17 as Ascension Tuesday.

The Fightins " Chris Wheeler really likes wet guys.
An admittedly odd passage from last night's TV coverage.

Home-grown Ennis was underappreciated -
Beware the numbers you pull in Ashburn Alley. Some nasty Phillies fan bloodlines persist.

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " Better Starting Rotation: Phillies or Braves?
Computer numbers.

The Majors

Derek Jeter and the Curse of Age -
A Bronx Cautionary Tale.

The Baseball Analysts: Does the Ump Care How Long the Game Is?
More fun with pitchf/x data. I really thought/hoped there'd be an advantage to working fast.

NL East

Rockies 2, Mets 1: The Bats Waste a Fine Start by Chris Capuano - Amazin' Avenue
Also, Chris Young is injured.

Who's Your Least Favorite Philly? - Amazin' Avenue
Bonus AA link, as the guy did a lot of heavy lifting here. But where's (Joe Blanton/David Herndon/Raul Ibanez/Danys Baez) on this list?

Minors after the Jumpity Jump:

Reading Phils' Jordan Ellis is thinking less, impressing more | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/10/2011
As fringe evolves into patch.

Like his mustache, dream growing daily for Phillies prospect Gump | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/10/2011
Note to Raul: Grow the Mash 'Stache! Ah, English major ballplayers. I never tire of you.

Five minutes with. . . Anthony Hewitt | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/10/2011
Gose once again falls for the old flagpole bit. LOLGose.

Phillies fans have many Minor League affiliates within a short distance | News
Nice guide to area minor league sites. Stop being such a big league snob. This is all us old-timers had in the late 80s and 90s. Oh, and early 2000s too.

Yesterday in the Minors

Lehigh Valley's Ryan Feierabend and two relievers combine to shut out Toledo |
Dom Brown's body lies a molderin' in Triple A, but his truth goes marching on.

Trenton blanks R-Phils
J. C. Ramirez and his Strange Peripherals are headlining tonight in Trenton.

Clearwater 8, Dunedin 5
Sebastian Valle was sluggin' it.

Greensboro 5, Lakewod 4 (10)




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