Dear Diary; OMG! Cliff Lee! WTF!! Worse day EVAH!!!

Dear Diary,

Sorry its been so long but I've been SOOO busy with Prom, and like the whole "do I go with JC (total cutie) or Chris (they're getting a LIMO and his bro is buying beer!!) that my life has been like completely STRESSED! But yesterday totally SUCKED! in SO many ways!!

First, VANIMAL got sent down. Not only is he like TA DIE FOR HOTTIE!!  (Glasses AND Mohawk!!) he's been like the best pitcher in the WORLD!! So much better than KK. KK is a tool!!! OMG the picture of him and his jungle girl! LMFAO!! Totally wants to be Cole, but he's like SO NOT COLE!!!  And DGMS on Fat Joe. OMFG!! Eat a banana or learn how to puke and maybe the FAT won't rush to your Elbow!! SO BAD!! SO BAD!! DGMS!! UGH!! They should totally trade J-ROLL, FAT JOE and KK to NYC for Jeter!! OMG!! can you imagine Jeter and Chase turning DP's!!!! I would totally DIE!!  Like seriously. I. WOULD. DIE.

Second, Cliff had like 9 million walks cause that FAT ASS UMPIRE was a total BS MORON!!  Halladay would have gotten all of those calls, ALL of them!!!  And then they TOOK HIM OUT AND DIDN"T LET HIM FINISH!!! WTF!! halladay always gets to finish cause charlie TOTALLY WANTS HIM TO HAVE MORE W's than Cliff!! I'm serious. If Cliff gets 19W and Halladay gets 20 B/C of this BS Ump I am gonna be SOOOO pissed!!

(At least my new cutey STUD-ES (lol) came in. He is like, so....OMG I can';t even say it!! DIRTY GIRL!! LOL!!  But then they had to ruin it and bring in TROLL FACE ROMERO!! UGH!! Butt ugly and he SUX TOO!!!

PLUS, stupid I-BAD+NEZ is terrible again!! and Fran-SUX-Co can't throw out my trash!!  We should totally trade both of them for Swisher!! OMG! RUBE! CALL ME!! LOL!!  And then like everyone in my house was saying it was Cliffs fault we lost and I was like OMG are you all F-ING insane!! He's CLIFF LEE!!

N-E-WAY, CHASE is back soon!! (I have tix Sat!! hope its then!!)


kinda sad, cause MM might get traded to Nats (I hope not!! Valdez is worse!!) but its for Chase, so i can't really complain.

Sigh. Lil Roy tonight. I thnk I'll watch Idol instead. SCOTTY ALL THE WAY!!!

Gotta go break the news to JC. It's a LIMO FCS!!! LOL!!

luv ya,


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