Clowns Need Food, May 23-29

I took the day off.  I'm a day late, and the day game yesterday didnt make it easier for me to write lol.

Last week, I suggested this would be the week the Phillies can turn things around.  And....*Triumphant Fanfare* FISH WAS RIGHT!  (Display "Fish Was Right" banner here).  Oh right....clowns like food (Family Guy).  I was hoping the Phillies would be able to utilize their dominance of the Mets and Reds in order to pwn some bitches.  Fortunately, my INNATE sense of baseball feelings is at the top of its game right now.  Like its so in tune, I forsee a World Series vs Minnesota Twins this year!  Wait a min............

(a hand comes into view handing the Fish a piece of paper)

You serious?...........This just in, the Twins blow ass this year!  I guess my sense of baseball feelings isnt as innate as I thought.

(Sit in corner.  Bad Fish)

Because my LA Noire version of the weekly review seemed to be a good trend, I thought I'd spice up this review as well.  Last Thursday I saw both Pirates 4 and Kung Fu Panda 2.  My take?  Pirates 4 entertained me.  Not as good as the others, but I still enjoyed it and had some laughs.  Not to mention getting the MLB At Bat notice of the Phils winning was a bonus.  B-.    KFP2 amused me as well lol.  I'm a huge Pixar fan, so I have high standards when it comes to animation lol.  (I am Dork, hear me roar) Closest thing to Pixar this year is Rango.  But it still amused me and entertained me.

MONDAY- The Phils offense came back from the dead like I was hoping with the return of Chase Utley sparking the offense to put up a double digit number.  It felt like the last time the Phils scored in double digits was when the first Cars movie came out!  With Cole Hamels starring as Lightning McQueen, the Phils quickly raced ahead into the lead and didn't look back.  (Placido Polanco as Mater)


TUESDAY- The pitching staff this day performed less like the Watchmen this day, with Rorschach (Ryan Madson) giving up a bases-loaded-clearing hit to Jay Bruce.  I don't want to go any further.  Because this is a loss, this personified the movie I will definitely not see this summer.

BRIDESMAIDS.  I HATE CHICK FLICKS AND LOSSES.  (Are they not one and the same?) Reds 6-3.

WEDNESDAY- I need not write alot about this 19 inning marathon.  Wilson Valdez obviously deserves alot of praise, but I have to give a special shoutout to Dany Baez.  If anyone pays attention to my ramblings, they know I diss on Baez alot.  And rightfully so I might add considering how his outings have gone.  But, my MVP Wednesday actually went to Baez due to the fact he kept the Phils in the game as long as he did.  He performed above and beyond his usual type outing, and I actually wish he got the W.  But enough about that. 

Wilson Valdez.....the Ring chose you.  TAKE IT.  BECOME THE GREEN LANTERN!!!  19 innings, Phils 5-4

THURSDAY-  After a wild night of partying, Wilson Valdez-type shenanigans, where the impossible became possible (Baez shutting out the Reds high powered offense), the Phillies woke up groggy, somewhere they didn't expect (the locker room) with the Reds for some reason trying to beat them senseless!  Last year, they went through this series trying to find their good buddy Doug (Cliff) Lee.  This year he was found and helped them beat the Reds.

The Hangover Part 2. Not as good as the first (Series Sweep) but still good (Series win 3-1).  Phils Win 10-4.

FRIDAY- AUTOBOTS.  TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT TO NEW YORK!  The Evil Decepticons must be destroyed!!  With Oswaltimus Prime and Bumblebee-immy Rollins leading the way, as well as several key mistakes by MegaPagan and his bumbling sidekick Daniel Starscreamurphy, the Decepticons were defeated by the incredible Autobots.

Dark of the New York Moon. Phils Win 6-4.  You people tryin spinning Transformers names into actual names.

SATURDAY- The Red Skull (Tim Byrdak) was up to no good again, trying to help those pesky Nazis take over the world.  Using a feat of science and engineering headed up by Cholly Stark, Ryan Howard also known as Captain America, brought the good guys from the brink of defeat to victory.

Captain Ryan America: The First Big Piece of an Avenger. Phils Win 5-2.

SUNDAY- Most of the Big guys were resting, Ryan Howard, Chooch, etc.  So all the small fries came out to play.  ANd it showed.

The Smurfs played in Phillies uniforms.  Gargamel and the Mets win 9-5


So there you have it.  I'm debating doing a part two since there are a bunch of movies coming out this summer I wanna see I didn't even touch up on lol.

I'm out, Phils game is on.  Peace!

Song of the Day: Hero- Dudes from Nickelback and Saliva.

I can't think of anything Sabremetric related I should learn about although I need to learn lol.  Anyone wanna suggest something I can review and learn about?

Red Dragons,

The Fish

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