Lets talk trades.  Becuase, ya know, thats what Reuben is doing right now, whether its a RH BAT (Hunter Pence, Michael Cuddyer) or someone to shore up the pitching, be it a reliever (Heath Bell) or some crazy move for a starter (Hey Jack, I know you won't move felix, but whadda ya think about Ibanez for Pineda straight up?)  We all know that the rumors and BS talk can get overwhelming, and somewhat ridiculous on a lot of the sites out there, but you, the fair readers of TGP (sans a few....) are so darned smart, so intelligent with your debate that I think one of you can actually predict the EXACT MOVE (or MOVES) we are going to make.

I'm so confident that there is a pretty cool prize involved for the winner.

Rules and Prize after the jump.

The prize:

The winner will recieve their choice of an authentic autographed Baseball, signed by either Tug McGraw, Jerry Koosman, or Greg Luzinski. Sorry, My Mike Schmidt ball from the '80 world series that took me 20 years to get signed is off limits. If you would prefer a non phillies ball, you can have one signed by Boog Powell or Carlton fisk. Sorry, my Tom Seaver ain't going nowhere.



1. You must be a registered member of TGP and have posted as a fan of the phillies before.

2. You are free to discuss trades, and hash them out on this thread. However, you may only make 2 trade proposals, 1 for pitching, and 1 for offense.  You must use the following headline. "(INSERT USERNAME) FORMAL PROPOSAL.  (insert pitching/offense)

4. ML PLAYERS: if your trade includes current MLB players on an active or 40 man roster, they must match 100%

5. PROSPECTS: You can include prospects, but you  must get the NUMBER GOING, and AT LEAST 1 NAME correct.  I don't expect anyone to have a working knowledge of other teams systems, but if prospects come back, you must stipulate how many.

6. CASH if cash changes hands, you must stipulate it happening.

7. I will accept a trade that includes EITHER CASH OR PROSPECTS, but one end must be correct. (ex. We trade 1 a prospect (Cosart or May) to someone for a releiver, and take on the entire salary, OR we offer three prospects for reliever and half his salary)  However, you must be as specific as possible. Cash and prospects for K-Rod doesn't cut it.  Ibanez, Rizzotti, and two B prospects for K-Rod, and the mets pay 50% of his salary, does) 

5. Once a formal proposal is made, good natured ribbing, friendly counterarguements, agreement, adjustment suggestions, and outright mockery of really, really dumb ideas is not only okay, its encouraged. Should this result in an ammended trade idea by someone else that makes more sense, so be it, as long at it is an offical entry.

6. In the case of a tie, the first person to post the trade wins.

7. Once a trade happens, if no one gets it right, but someone was treally really close, I reserve the right to tell them they were close but not close enough, or be a good guy and send them the ball of my choice. (I have many, many good ones.)

8. If no one wins, but someone makes a better trade idea than the one we actually make, I might give you the ball anyway.

9. If there are multiple trades, (we get a bat and an arm) you must get both correct to win outright. If there is only one, the first person with the correct answer wins. If two people get one right each, I'll probably send each of you a ball.

10 The contest ends on 7/31/2011. I reserve the right to ammend and clarify the rules along the way.

11. Last but not least, any trade proposal that is posted within 12 hours of a tweet by Olney, Rosenthal, Morosi, et al... outlining the trade may be disqualified on the grounds of unoriginality, plageurism, and outright lack of vision.

And if someone, ANYONE, gets everyname of every prospect, every player, every dollar of cash correct, I'lls end you all three baseballs.

That said, I'm hoping this can spark some intelligent debate, about, you know, the value of prospects, vs. short term rentals, vs. winning, as opposed to the typical moronic conversations that invariably come up over the next month or so.

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