Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, June 7, 2011: Sweetblood Greene and the New Flash Gordon

U CAN'T TASE THIS (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

Phillies first pick had to deal with the loss of his mother | The Phillies Zone | 06/06/2011
Sad story for sure, but given this guy's size and weight, the Phillies' nutritionists ought to get with this kid early and often.

Baseball: Comer taken by Toronto Blue Jays | Varsity Insider
All your potential prospects are belong to us Blue Jays. They're just playing with Ruben's head at this point.

Dodgers FYI: Dee Gordon, the top position player prospect, is called up -
Flash's kid - if you missed his flight path around the bases in the 9th inning last night. Who needs steals? Oright, I do. Plus: It somehow doesn't seem like a baseball season without the New Dodgers Pitching Phenom.

Lopes remembers the good times | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/07/2011
Can't wait to go tomorrow to boo this n'er-do-well.

Lidge may have suffered setback | Philled In
Dr. Ciccotti will see you now, Mr. Lidge.

Best Philadelphia Phillies gifts for Father's Day 2011 - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
Pretty lame list. I was more thinking this, since the tightwads at SBN denied my request to live-blog the Phillies at sea.

Lenny Dykstra charged: Lenny Dykstra faces felony fraud, drug charges -
Someday, there will be a charlatan's wing in Cooperstown. Being its curator would be an interesting job.

Lenny Dykstra indictment - Los Angeles Times
Take that, John Lannan!

National League East:

Baseball Prospectus | Divide and Conquer, NL East: Upton Our Necks in Debt

The major difference between Madson's stellar performance this season and in seasons past? He has yet to allow a home run this year, an aspect of the game on which Scott Boras has no expertise.

Brewers Complete Four Game Sweep With 7-2 Win Over Marlins - Brew Crew Ball
The Brewers are both winning on the road and starting to concern me.


Game 60: Desmond's new nickname is "Mongoose" (shut up, it works) - Federal Baseball
The Giants beat the Nationals in extrys.

Minor Leaguery after the jump:

Beating the Bushes:

Baseball: Brian Gordon leads another IronPigs win - Morning Call
Best record in the IL. Nosebleed!

Mitchell's 12th-inning single lifts R-Phillies
Cody Overbeck, Clutchy McSlugger(TM) of the Eastern League.

Hernandez keeps Blue Jays grounded | Clearwater Threshers News
Blue Jays also lose their cell phone privileges and must get their homework done before batting practice.

Crawdads pinch BlueClaws, 8-5
Crawdads steal 8 bases, scuttlin' across the floors of silent cricks.

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