Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, July 5, 2011: Our Inner Luzinskis Sing a Wooly Song

Phillies Notebook: Victorino knows he didn't look like an All-Star in blooper play | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/05/2011
My inner Luzinski sings a siren song to the mere idea of a Juan Rivera/Raul Ibanez platoon

The Fightins " Shane Victorino gets chalk outlined by his teammates
Funnier than a 15-day DL. Oh, and don't forget to vote for Shane early and often this week. He's leading!

Worley in Good Company After 10 Starts | Philled In
David Hale explains why Nite Owl is headed to Lehigh Valley. Hurm.

Florida Marlins weary of questionable calls in loss to Phillies - Florida Marlins -
She made me wooly, young girls do get wooly.

Baseballin', Yo:

Pitchers & Poets Style Academy, Volume 1: The Best and the Worst | pitchers & poets
Setting the lineup sartorial.

Leaderboards of Pleasure – 7/4/11 | FanGraphs Baseball
I missed the debut installment of this last week, but this looks like an attempt to quantify that mystery of what's missing about the 2011 Phillies.

The Division:

Braves Get Two Homers From Freddie Freeman, Great Outing From Tommy Hanson To Beat Colorado 4-1 - Talking Chop
I'm always uncomfortable using the word "crushed" to describe how a home run ball was struck with a bat. This writer: not so much. Anyways, Braves win their 50th.

Game 86: Happy Werth of July! - Federal Baseball
Lost amidst the hullabaloo of Bryce Harper climbing to AA: Jayson Werth alternately booed and applauded.

Mets 5, Dodgers 2: Amazins Declare Independence from Rookie Hurler Dominance - Amazin' Avenue
No more kings.

Minors After the Jump: Lidge Throws Successful Rehab with BlueClaws
Two hits, two ground balls.

Bollinger’s big break - | News, sports, business, jobs - Minot Daily News
Ryan Bollinger: following in J.D. Drew's footsteps in a kind of, sort of way. I like his description of the GCL, though. h/t taco pal

Box Score Recap, 4 July 2011 | Phuture Phillies
John Mayberry homers his way to the show. Again. Really though, his splits against lefties are pretty good.

R-Phils fall to Bowie 17-12
It ain't over 'til Bowie's lead is truly insurmountable. But nice try, fellas.


BlueClaws players stayed out to watch the fireworks after ton... on Twitpic
The joy of the minor leagues.

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