Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, August 16, 2011: The Cole Shoulder, One Pence the Richer, and Fudgie Greene

Move away from your computer screen. The eyes follow you everywhere. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)


Report: Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels gets MRI on shoulder | News
Bah. MRIs are for...

Phillies sign No. 1 pick Greene | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/16/2011
Know your Tyler(s) Greene from your Larry "Fudgie" Greene, people, or risk a shunning.

Report: Astros Complete PTBNL With Phillies, Add Domingo Santana - The Crawfish Boxes
I will miss riding on your FanBoy bus, Domingo Santana. Vaya con dios.

Pence building a strong bond with Philadelphia
So much easier to go eat after you Think and Grow Rich!

Why The Phillies Shouldn’t Sleep On The Diamondbacks | GCOBB.COM
Well, they're poisonous, G. Cobb. Duh. Oh, and -

The Dbacks approach to the game reminds me a lot of money ball because despite having what seems like a mediocre team, Gibson finds his guys playing with baseball’s best.

humminah huh?

Ellis: Eagles Could Reclaim The City From Phils
Either team will have a heckuva battle in the final against the winner of the "Infrastructural Decay vs. Fiscal Calamity" bracket.

Phillies need to remain sharp | The Asbury Park Press |
Nothing particularly earth-shattering here, but I do get wooly reading stories from writers who like to punctuate their stories with short sentences or fragments for a quasi-dramatic, point-making effect.

Like this one.

Dan Gross: So long, Chief: Eskin leaving WIP show | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/16/2011
It's clearly time for thoughtful, well-reasoned, logical analysis of our sports teams, backed by advanced statistics, on the radio.

Round About Baseball:

Rangers to remember fan with statue -
Help me figure out whether this is okay.

NL East:

Post-game thread: That one stung - McCovey Chronicles
Braves 5, Giants 4. Sharp objects are getting put on high shelves in San Francisco, where the vaunted bullpen is getting achey.

More on the Logan Morrison and Wes Helms Situation - Fish Stripes
Ingredients: Clever plus vainglorious up-and-comer, lunkheaded and vainglorious established star, and mercurial owner. Shake well.

Minors: Getcher own equipment and follow me after the jump.

Lehigh Valley IronPigs drop both games of doubleheader to Toledo Mud Hens |
The Dom Brown power outage continues.

Cust, Bush happy for chance with Phillies organization | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/16/2011
Veteran Clubhouse Presences now circling the runway.

R-Phils bring back Gluttony Night for 2011 | News
Fortunately Reading's renovations include a new vomitorium.

Pennsylvania powerhouse keeps the top spot - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal
Senators come in first. Reading is fourth.

Williamsport's Altherr: From free fall to All-Star | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/16/2011
Congrats to Altherr and the all-star Cutters.

Santana traded as Claws fall to Shorebirds | The Asbury Park Press |

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