Phast 5ive

If you wanted to see the last five Phillies trips to the playoffs, including this October, you'd have to set the wayback machine all the way back to 2007.  Which means you'd need to pack your old blackberry, since 2007 lacked the technology to sync your work email with your smartphone.  Also, you'd need to watch baseball on a television.

Assuming the current race leaders hold serve, fans of other clubs would need to go back a bit further ....

The Black Hole (6 teams)

Brewers, Marlins, Nats-pos, Rockies, Rays, and Mariners fans...sorry, you can't play.  Your team hasn't made the playoffs 5 times yet.  That's 6 clubs or 1/5th of Major League Baseball who have yet to do in their histories what these Phillies have done in five straight seasons.  And if the Rangers miss the playoffs this season, move them to this list.

Groovy - 1970s (5 teams)

Reds (1976), Pirates (1975), and Orioles (1974) fans...get ready to relive the glory days.  Royals (1978) and Tigers (1972) fans... uh, enjoy watching your team twice a week on broadcast television.

Word Up - 1980s (5 teams)

Cubs (1989), White Sox (1983), Mets (1986), Padres (1984), and Blue Jays (1985) fans get to relive the emergence of baseball on "superstations," which were local UHF channels broadcast nationwide.  Everyone in the country could watch tons of Yankees, Cubs, and Braves baseball...three teams that combined for a whopping two World Series appearances in that decade.  The exposure the Braves received from their superstation supposedly helped them build a regional following throughout the south...which is why they have so many fans yet remain unable to sell out home playoff games.  Super, indeed.  

Chillin' - 1990s (5 teams)

Astros (1998), Dodgers (1996), Giants (1997), Indians (1997), and Rangers (1996) fans get to relive the frustratingly different recent past.  Sure, all games were televised on cable, but only in your home market.   Buying a package to watch all the games...and on your computer?  Nope.  HD...I got your HD....H deez ....... (sigh).  Sad to realize you are getting old...  

P'wnd FTW - 2000s (7 teams)

Aside from the Moneyball A's (2000), no surprises here: Braves (2003), Cards (2002), Sox (2005, 2004 if they choke), Yankees (2006), Angels (2004, 2005 if they make it) and Twins (2003).  These teams get mentioned on MLB Network from time to time, as long as you include Head & Shoulders commercials.

In conclusion, there's never been a better time to watch baseball, particularly if your favorite team plays its home games in South Philadelphia. 

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