The Phillies' and the Braves' Pitching Are Good. Really?

I loved the honest, forthcoming feedback I got from my last post about the division, I wanted to a post on sabermetrics between the Braves' and the Phillies' pitching.

I used FanGraphs, not Baseball-Reference, to look at the Phillies and Braves in pitching sabermetrics. They are, in fact, closer than Braves and Phillies fans may think. The Philadelphia rotation is strong, and the Atlanta bullpen is strong. I'll look at Starting and Relief in stat comparison in this post.

The first statistic I looked at was Pitching RAR. I took the RAR, and compared it to the average among MLB teams, which was 99.52. Here are some statistics:


Philadelphia: 1st Place, 193.5, +93.98.

Chicago Sox: 2nd Place, 163.8, +64.28.

Atlanta: 11th Place, 112.9, +13.38.

This is a very good statistic for Philadelphia fans. And the Phillies didn't edge anyone out. They blew away the competition. I put in the 2nd place team, the Chicago White Sox, to show just how good Philadelphia is. The Phillies are almost twice as better as the average team! Here are some other small statistics where these teams stack up:


Philadelphia 2nd Place: 7.84

Atlanta 5th Place: 7.44

Differnce: 0.40

Fielder Independent Pitching:

Philadelphia 1st Place: 2.94

Atlanta 3rd Place: 3.62

Difference: 0.68


Philadelphia: 22.7

Atlanta: 12.4

Difference: 10.3

The Phillies best the Braves in starting pitching by a long shot, as well as everyone else. Now I'll look at relief pitching, in the same statistics as the ones I used in starting pitching. The FanGraphs average for Relief RAR is 22.48.


Atlanta 1st Place, 63.9, +41.42.

New York Yankees 2nd Place, 58.2, +35.72

Philadelphia 19th Place, 14.2, -8.28.

Difference: 49.7

That means that Atlanta, with the best bullpen in baseball, is 5.70 RAR better than the 2nd place team, the Yankees. That also means that Philadelphia's bullpen is below average. Here are the other small statistics for relief pitching:


Atlanta: 2nd Place, 9.64

Philadelphia: 12th Place, 7.89

Difference: 1.75

Fielder Independent Pitching:

Atlanta 1st Place, 3.02

Philadelphia 19th Place, 3.95

Difference: 0.93


Atlanta: 1st Place, 7.1

Philadelphia: 19th Place, 1.6

Difference: 5.5

Just as with the Phillies' starters, the Braves' bullpen blows the competition out of the water.

Thanks to everyone except WC for reading!

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