Phillies 2012 estimated payroll and the Luxury tax.

So for those interested, here's the 2012 estimated payroll now that Hunter Pence has signed. WHat you see is not what each player makes this year, rather it is the AAV of their contract in millions. I rounded up, not down on purpose. AAV is what matters for staying under the Luxury tax, and thats really what we should worry about as well.

When looking at this, Keep in mind that each team typical pays between 9 and 11 MM towards benefits on top of actual payroll, and the LUX tax limit is 178mm for 2012. Add that to the total below, and we're teetering on the edge.

We may finish right under it, and if so, Wilson Valdez may once again be our MVP, for saving 450k in payroll when we traded him.

This is why we're bottom feeding to strike bronze with a guy like Juan Pierre.

I used league minimum for guys like John Mayberry (* indicates min salary) and made an educated guess on who ends up breaking camp, but if thats different it shouldn't have much effect...i.e if DeFratus or Schwimmer or Aumont end up in the pen instead of Herndon or Stutes, etc.. the names change but the numbers (except on the jerseys) stay the same.

Name Position AAV **
1 Halladay SP $20.00
2 Hamels SP $15.00
3 Lee SP $24.00
4 Blanton SP $8.00
5 Worley SP $0.48 *
6 Ruiz C $2.95
7 Howard 1B $25.00
8 Utley 2B $12.15
9 Polanco 3B $6.00
10 Rollins SS $11.00
11 Pence RF $10.40
12 Nix LF $1.25
13 Victorino CF $7.30
14 Papelbon CLOSER $12.50
15 Kendrick RP $3.60
16 Contreras RP $2.75
17 Willis RP $0.85
18 Bastardo RP $0.48 *
19 Herndon RP $0.48 *
20 Stutes RP $0.48 *
21 Mayberry 1B/OF $0.48 *
22 Thome PH $1.25
23 Schneider C $0.80
24 Wiggington IF/OF $2.00
25 Martinez MVP $0.48 *
TOTAL $169.68

My initial thoughts:

1) I think this goes a LONG way in understanding why we focused on 1 year deals for Hamels and Pence. Remember, the limit stays the same for 2013, but goes up to 189mm in 2014, and the new CBA carries hefty increases for 2nd time offenders.

If Hamels signed, say, a 5 year 100mm deal that paid him 15mm this season, 19mm next season, and 23mm in 14-16, we'd be counting 20mm for his AAV this year for lux tax purposes.

2) as TP pointed out we have a SURPLUS of pitchers signed at the Minor league level. If a guy like Pinero shows he can compete in the spring, they could look to unload a guy like Blanton or Kendrick, and eat salary to lower costs.

3) I don't think Dontrell Willis is a lock to make the team, and I would go so far to say he has to be VASTLY BETTER than some of the young arms to justify the extra money.

4) Tell me again why we signed Laynce Nix?

5) How's that Papelbon deal looking now? Any better?

Feel free to discuss.

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