Phillies Stat Notes -- Final 2012 Numbers

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The Phillies went from being the best team in the NL in 2011, to thoroughly average in 2012.


- Utley, Martinez, Howard, and Lee (and Chooch)
- Phils batters vs. projections
- Phillies stats vs. 2011
- NL Standings and team stats
- Milestones


Utley: K vs. BB
Out of 265 players with 300+ PAs this year, Utley was one of only 10 who had at least as many walks as strikeouts. The 10 in descending order of walks:

Votto (94-85), Mauer (90-88), Fielder (85-84), Jose Reyes (63-56), C. Lee (58-49), C. Jones (57-51), Ortiz (56-51), John Jaso (56-51), Hanigan (44-37), Utley (43-43).

The only other year Utley accomplished that was in 2010 (63-63).

MiniMart's place in history
Phillies - single season: Martinez had the 16th lowest OPS+ (24) in Phillies history by a non-pitcher with 100+ PAs, and the 5th lowest Phils OPS+ since 1970:

0 - Mark Parent, 1997 - .150/.198/.177 (121 PAs)
14 - John Vuckovich, 1971 - .166/.211/.189 (233)
22 - Eric Bruntlett, 2009 - .171/.224/.238 (118)
23 - Mike Compton, 1970 - .164/.240/.209 (121)
24 - Michael Martinez, 2012 - .174/.208/.252 (122)
27 - Ruben Amaro Jr, 1998 - .187/.224/.262 (117) low smugness, too, I bet
27 - Bob Dernier, 1989 - .171/.225/.214 (205)
28 - Juan Castro, 2010 - .198/.237/.238 (136)

Phillies - career: With a career OPS+ of 39, Martinez also has the 5th lowest career OPS+ in Phillies history, among non-pitchers with 300+ career PAs. He has the lowest one since John Vuckovich's 14 in 1970-81 (which is the lowest ever by a Phillie).

MLB 2012: Martinez had the 7th lowest OPS+ in the majors this year, out of 459 non-pitchers with 100+ PAs:

9 - Josh Vitters, Cubs (109 PAs)
9 - Chris Coghlan, Marlins (105)
15 - Brent Morel, White Sox (125)
23 - Ryan Lavarnway, Red Sox (166)
23 - Hideki Matsui, Rays (103)
24 - Wilson Valdez, Reds (208)
24 - Michael Martinez (122)
29 - Miguel Cairo (156)

Ryan Howard and K rates
One positive result of Howard's broken toe is that it mercifully ended his season at 99 Ks. It's hard to believe that anyone could have struck out more than Howard this year, but in fact among players with 200+ PAs, Howard's 33.9% rate was only the 6th highest in MLB. Of the 24 highest K rates in history (again, 200+ PAs), a remarkable 6 of them were produced in 2012. Heading the list was Cody Ransom (38.7%), who fell 1 SO short of breaking the all-time record of 38.8% by the Tigers' Melvin Nieves in 1997.

Ryan Howard and RBIs
With 57 hits and 56 RBIs, Howard just missed becoming just the 4th player in history to have at least as many RBIs as hits in a season (with 50+ RBIs). The ones who did it:

Mark McGwire - 1999 (147 RBI/145 H), 1995 (90/87), 2000 (73/72), 2001 (64/56)
Jason Giambi - 2006 (113/113)
Paul Sorrento - 1995 (79/76)

By the way, Howard also came close in 2007 (136/142), and 2008 (146/153). Those are two of only 15 seasons in history where a player's RBIs were at least 95% of their hit total.

Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, and Cy Young
That's the complete list of all pitchers in MLB history who have compiled seasons of 200+ strikeouts and 30 or fewer walks:

Lee 2012 - 207 K, 28 BB
Halladay 2010 - 219 K, 30 BB
Young 1905 - 210 K, 30 BB
Young 1904 - 200 K, 29 BB

Carlos Ruiz and the MVP
Could Carlos Ruiz have gotten serious MVP consideration if he hadn't gotten hurt? Possibly, especially if it also meant the Phillies were able to sneak into the postseason. Below is where Chooch ranked in the NL in WAR per 700 PAs:

9.18 - Posey (8.0 fWAR in 610 PAs)
9.14 - Ruiz (5.5 in 421)
8.69 - Votto (5.9 in 475)
8.17 - Braun (7.9 in 677)
8.15 - Wright (7.8 in 670)

Starters' Game Scores
Sorted highest to lowest for each starting pitcher...Gscs_medium

Phillies Hitters vs. Projections

Phillies hitters' OPS compared to the past three years, and to what various projection systems predicted for 2012.
So you basically have Chooch way ahead of his projections, Pierre ahead by a good margin, and Rollins by a smaller margin. Galvis happened to be right on when he hurt his back, and everyone else did worse than what was projected.

Phillies Team Stats vs. 2011

(click to enlarge)

NL Standings and Team Stats



Jimmy Rollins
This year he moved into 2nd place in Phillies history in these five categories (with what he needs to take over the all-time lead):

Games: 1,792. Schmidt is first at 2,404, or four full seasons away.
PAs: 8,236. Schmidt is first at 10,062, and Rollins would have to average 606 in 2013-15 to pass him.
ABs: 7,490. Schmidt is first at 8,352, so Rollins would likely pass him sometime in 2014.
Doubles: 421. Delahanty is first at 442 -- Rollins will probably pass him next year.
Extra base hits: 719. Schmidt is first with 1,015, and well out or reach under Rollins' current contract.
Total bases: 3,234. Schmidt is first with 4,404, and well out of reach.

More on Rollins' climb up the Phillies record book in this recent milestones post.

- By (wisely) sitting out the last three games with a tweaked calf, Rollins fell two games short of tying Richie Ashburn for 2nd most in Phillies history in games played, with 1,794.
- Rollins has now scored 100 runs for the 6th time in his career. He's the 11th active player with that many, joining Jeter (13, had 99 this year), ARod (13), Pujols (10), Chipper Jones, Ichiro, Jim Thome, and Bobby Abreu (all 8), Carlos Beltran (7), Todd Helton (6), and Miguel Cabrera (6 incl. this year).
- He needs 2 RBIs to tie Cy Williams for 11th in Phillies history, at 795.
- He needs 2 home runs to tie Bobby Abreu for 10th in Phillies history with 195.
- His next triple will tie Sam Thompson for 3rd on the Phillies list at 106. After hitting 5 triples in his first 85 games this year, he had 0 in his last 71.

Chase Utley
- He has 199 home runs and his next one (1st of 2013) will make him the 9th Phillie to reach 200.

For reference:
- MLB All-time leaders: Hitting and Pitching
- Phillies All-time leaders: Hitting and Pitching

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