Here's the Setup: Mike Adams signs with the Phillies: 2 yrs, $12 million (Report)

The Pantoon to Papelpon? - Otto Greule Jr

In a not-entirely-definitely-kind of officially now confirmed report, the righthanded Texas reliever will sign with the Phillies to repair our eighth inning losses, and be a blessing unto us.

Sources: Todd Zolecki. And a family source. That's enough for me, so right on over to the

Baseball Reference page

and the

Fangraphs page we go, where we generally find very nice things to like, including a career 9.03 K/9 rate with a 2.45 BB/9 rate, 3.38 xFIP, and a nice track record of some good late-inning-guy success with the Rangers, who acquired him from the Padres in a 2011 deadline deal. Adams is a 6' 5" lanky righty who will also bolster the pitching staff's presence in the frontcourt. One more guy to dunk on that pesky Dan Uggla!

The deal is reportedly for two years, $12 million, with a possible third year vesting option.

Then there's this problem he had with thoracic outlet syndrome, for which he had successful surgery on October 19. We can only hope, as they did in the Wilton Lopez imbroglio, the Phillies completely checked this out before throwing a three-year contract (though mercifully, the first two years are the only ones guaranteed) at a 34-year-old reliever. Throw another thirtysomething Ranger on the pile!

Adams made $4.4 million with the Rangers last year, so gets a nice increase.

So if you're wondering just how much you need to fix on a broken 8th inning, it's about $100,000. So don't invite the rough kids over to your house to play with it.

note: Ken Rosenthal (via twitter) is reporting as of 9 am that the deal is done, pending a physical and the sides are in agreement. it is indeed a 2 year 12mm deal with a vesting option Jayson Stark adds that the 3rd year option will vest if Adams makes 120 appearances in 13-14 or 60 appearances in 15. For those interested, he appeared in 75 games in 2010, 71 in 2011 and 61 last season, so barring injury, this is likely a 3 year deal.

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