Baseball America releases list of Top 10 Phillies prospects

Roman Quinn, huh? - USA TODAY Sports

Who made the cut?

I don't know whether Darin Ruf's appearance is statement on how opinions of his skills have changed or how poorly the Phillies system is viewed (I won't get a chance to read the player profiles until I finish my work day), but here's the Top 10:

  1. Jesse Biddle, LHP
  2. Roman Quinn, SS
  3. Tommy Joseph, C
  4. Jon Pettibone, RHP
  5. Adam Morgan, LHP
  6. Ethan Martin, RHP
  7. Cody Asche, 3B
  8. Maikel Franco, 3B
  9. Darin Ruf, 1B/OF
  10. Carlos Tocci, OF

Interesting movements:

  • Roman Quinn - Wow. I'm debating Quinn for my Top 5, so this placement isn't all that surprising, but I tend to struggle with ranking guys high based off of short-season numbers. There's no questions about the skill set or ceiling, so that was clearly enough to sway BA.
  • Sebastian Valle - Last year Valle was the 3rd ranked prospect in the system, this year he's entirely out of the Top 10. Valle stagnated a bit this year and didn't seem to improve on any of his question marks. Joseph actually regressed a little this year, but still has a high ceiling and fewer question marks than Valle.
  • Darin Ruf - As I said above, I'll review the scouting reports tonight. But I honestly expected Ruf to be left off. The guy put up numbers that were impossible to ignore and can't simply be attributed to being too old for the level. There could be some real talent here and it's interesting to see him go from Org. filler to legit top 10 prospect in the span of 3 months.
  • Carlos Tocci - Super athletic, held his own as a 16 year old in the GCL. I'm not surprised to see him make the Top 10.

Was anyone left off I expected to see? Sure. None of these are big surprises, but all had a shot at the list: Phillipe Aumont, Kenny Giles, Larry Greene, Jr., Justin Defratus.

Giles would have been new to the list, but he had an awesome season. That said a reliever in A-Ball would need to do something like Darin Ruf's August to make a Top 10 list. Relievers are the least valuable prospects in the spectrum, and A ball relievers are the least valuable of relief prospects. This doesn't mean they aren't really good prospects or won't be All-star caliber Major Leaguers, they're just so far away from the big club and so far haven't faced elite hitters, that it's almost impossible to make a Top 10. If Giles does in 2013 what he did in 2012 to AA and AAA hitters, he'll be Top this time next year.

Greene just had a bad year, some of it may be adjusting to competition, some of it may be that he played in the Grand Canyon of minor league parks, but the end result is a fairly blah season.

Defratus lost too much time to injury and Aumont, being a reliever just couldn't squeeze into the Top 10. Everyone rates relievers differently, but I can't honestly recall the last time I saw a relief Pitcher on BA's Top 10 lists, unless it was someone they thought still projected as a Starter.

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