"Saturday Morning" Phillies' Links

Freddy Galvis prepares to deliver a swift kick to Jason Bartlett. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Ok, so I've got to come clean here. It's not Saturday morning. I mean, it might be Saturday morning when you read this, but it isn't right now. In any event, I suggest you use your best judgement to decide if it's Saturday morning or not. If you don't think it's Saturday yet, I suggest you go to sleep; otherwise, enjoy these hearty, yet disorganized, breakfast links.*

*Links are not actual food. Do not eat links.

Hamels disappointed in Padres

"I mean, I loved that team, and all of a sudden it disappeared."


"You even see lower-cost acquisitions like Cody Ross..." You lost me right there. Sorry.

Scott Podsednik on the block?

Sorry LL.

Ruiz day-to-day only

"I hope one day, and that's it," Ruiz said

Dick Allen Surrounded by Allen wrenches

Just go look at it. Notgraphs.

Cholly Ain't Worried

"That leaves the Phillies, winners of 102 games in '11, to live somewhere between temporary survival and long-term organizational shift, at least on the offensive side." Sure, Tim. Right.

Effin Penguins amirite

"The teams have combined for 23 first-period goals, the most in NHL history for through the first five games of a playoff series." It's nuts, I tells ya.

Effin' Penguins indeed

"Penalty kills." LOL.


Got to say, this was a shocker.

Jim Bouton, eat your heart out

Spooky. RA Dickey, I mean.




Lehigh Valley 2, Rochester 5

Dave Bush: 4.2IP 4R, 7H, 1K

Domonic Brown: 2 for 3, 2B, CS and fine defensive play!

Cody Overbeck: 1 for 3

Tuffy Gosewisch: 3 for 4, HR

Reading 4, Akron 3

Juan Morillo: 0.2IP, 3BB, 2K

JC Ramirez: 2.1IP, 2H, 3K

Tyson Gillies: 1 for 4, BB

Cesar Hernandez: 0 for 5, 2K

Sebastian Valle: 1 for 4, 2K

Lakewood 2, Hagerstown 15

Lino Martinez: 3.1IP, 14H, 12ER, BB, K OMGWTFBBQ

Gauntlett Eldemire: 0 for 4; 4K

Brian Pointer: 1 for 4, HR, K

Aaron Altherr: 2 for 4, K

Tyler Greene: 0 for 3, BB 3K

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