Some Phillies Links For You, May 21, 2012: Amaro vs. The Fourth Estate, Vance Worley Boned, Red Sox Aftermath

What darkness lurks... (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

So there was a little dust-up between the Phillies' brass and the "traditional" media yesterday, in case you didn't hear...

Cortisone and Ryan Howard: Easing the pain, or worsening it?
I'd heard discussions of this at the time, but never anything close to "definitive."

Inside the Phillies: Workouts by Phillies' Howard are off-limits, as reporter finds out
Smuggy and Co. vs. The Fourth Estate. Whether you support Brookover's "right" to be there to investigate the story, his treatment by the staff was pretty shabby, in my opinion.

These two stories begat this...

Ruben Amaro Meets with Phillies Beat Writers Concerning Articles in Sunday's Inquirer
Amaro also reportedly scowled, crushed an empty can in one hand, said "You."

Phil Sheridan: It's a little late for Amaro to complain about coverage

But there is plenty in their history to illustrate that they choose secrecy and a kind of condescending disdain when dealing with the media, who in turn convey information to the millions of fans who pump millions of dollars of revenue into this franchise. The decision to "take a pass" on answering reasonable questions was consistent with their history. So is disliking the outcome.

The Blog shall inherit the Earth.

David Murphy: Phillies fumbling Howard, Utley situations
Losing is a stinky cologne.

Vance Worley has a bone chip

"What is, exactly, a bone chip?" Worley asked Hamels. "Can you give me some of your symptoms?"

The quote that launched a thousand slashfics.

Philllies Scoop: Harper throws a charge into Nationals rivalry with Phillies
Let's all get outraged and let Bryce Harper play us all like fiddles!!

Crasnick - Phillies are keeping an eye on Red Sox 1B/3B Kevin Youkilis during minor league rehab
So I guess that part's true. And I guess any "dream" of shipping Joe Blanton for Kevin Youkilis straight-up kind of went bye-bye around about the third home run the other night.

Late-inning use of Ruiz leaves questions after Red Sox win weekend series from Phillies -
It certainly does.

Video: Phillies Prospect Julio Rodriguez
Our good friend Ryan Petzar sits down with the Reading pitcher.

Ruf, R-Phils break out bats to rock 'Cats
Ruf! Ruf! Good boy!

Zoo With Roy: Coincidence? I think Not.
In which the Zookeeper takes credit for Freddy Galvis' recent power surge. It's as reasonable an explanation as any.

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