Some Tuesday Phillies Links for You, June 19, 2012: Here Come Da Fudge

A narcoleptic Kyle Kendrick of the Philadelphia Phillies falls asleep on the mound after surrendering a 2-run home run by Colby Rasmus of the Toronto Blue Jays during interleague MLB action at The Rogers Centre June 17, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)


The Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show
Nice to know that the Phillies have time to gad about in designer clothes, while the season slips through their fingers.

Marcus Hayes: If the Phillies are to turn their season around, they must begin tonight
Tonight, tonight/ The world is wild and bright/ Going mad/ Shooting sparks into space

Sam Donnellon: If Phillies want to keep Manuel, they better start playing like it
Yesterday's l'affaire interwebz. Fascinated by the Charlie Manuel witch hunt.

Expect change if Phillies continue losing
In other news: Expect losing if Phillies continue change.

Phil Sheridan: Too early to pronounce Phillies' golden age over

Interesting Humans

Hamels: The beast beneath the flash
For those of you who haven't been paying attention the last five years.

R. A. Dickey, Master of the Knuckler -
Were he not a Met, I'd have a Moyer-like level of respect for this guy.

First rehab start at second base for Clearwater Threshers seems to go well for Chase Utley
Get in there and play, you big baby.


Odds of Regaining Velocity, by Age | FanGraphs Baseball

Since 2002, not one 31 year-old pitcher who has lost at least 1 mph managed to regain any velocity the following year.

Tim Lincecum: Bad Luck or Bad Pitches? | FanGraphs Baseball
Cole Hamels' 2009 is bitch-slapping Tim Lincecum's 2012. Discussion of statistical luck feels deja-vuish.

Crashburn Alley " Blog Archive " The Legend of Pitcher Vance
Of corner painting and backwards Ks.

NL East: Just Friends and Braves Enemies

Sabathia Silences Braves Bats As Atlanta Falls To New York 6-2 - Talking Chop
Watching Jeter hit a clutch single against the Braves fills me with so many emotions that probably require some kind of medication.

R.A. Dickey Continues Amazing Stretch As Mets Beat Orioles - Amazin' Avenue
Amazin' indeed.

What Are Your Prospects?

Lots of news after the jump, as the rookie leagues rev up this week. Get your morning stroll around the outfield and hit these links.

Crosscutters Win Season Opener 6-2 |
But Larry "Fudgie" Greene is a bust. Sorry everyone.

Phils prospects get taste of bright lights | News
Body types! Plus-plus bats! They're all down on the farm in Williamsport.

Phillies' rookie-leaguers finally get their chance
Here Come Da Fudge! (and welcome, Mr. Chad Graff. My name is Tappy McBlogger.)

Walding making adjustments to 3B - | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information - Williamsport-Sun Gazette
Third base in Philadelphia is just sitting there for the taking.

Reading Phillies start early, play late

The game has come a long way for an idea that originally was considered to be a joke

EASTERN LEAGUE: R-Phils finish Akron series with win - Sports - Republican Herald
Some guy named Abreu padded his stats and won the game. Win/win!

Lehigh Valley IronPigs beat Toledo Mud Hens, 6-3 |
J.C. Ramirez is on the radar screen.

GCL TIgers 6, GCL Phillies 1
Everybody hits! Or tries real hard to!

NotScouting Report: Willians Astudillo | NotGraphs Baseball
From the wayback machine: Flagpole hits with canoe paddle. Film at 11!

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