Predetermined outcome my KRATZ! Phils win 8-7.

Dadgum it, this don't like, feel right but, like, maybe I'll see what like maybe if we try this, dadgum, like, hell, it worked for Larussa, like, hell I need to get a new fishin pole. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Just imagine if things had have gone differently early.

The script has been pretty easy to follow most of the season. Pitcher doesn't seem to have it, score some runs early, but give em back, make a few bonehead plays, bring in the bullpen and BOOM. its over.

That's the way it went today, for the most part. Vance Worley got a few good bounces but continued to look like a man pitching with bone chips in his elbow. Allowing 4 runs off of 9 hits, with 2BB to 4K's in 5 1/3 innings. But for those of you who missed the game, man, he was getting hit hard all day.

Worley left the game in the 6th with the score tied 4-4, thanks to an amazing chase Utley Double-Tripe in the first, and a preeminent home run by the preeminent slugger in the 4th... (Don't look now, but that's 3 this week for the big guy, no?)

This is where I would normally berate Charlie for leaving him in too long, but I have to hand it to the big belly, he pulled him mid inning, with 1 out, when he was clearly done, and Raul Valdes came in and got out of the jam.

Then in the seventh, I almost S&*T my pants when, instead of seeing Schwimmer, or maybe Horst come in, Charlie actually took his set up guy (Josh Lindblom) and put him in to face the heart of the Cardinals order. Lindblom didn't disappoint, getting Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran to ground out and pop up, respectively before walking Alan Craig. An errant pick off later, he struck out Daniel Descalso to end the threat.

Wow. Bullpen management? Is Charlie learning, here?

In the 8th inning, when Charlie sent Michael Schwimmer out instead of Bastardo, I actually believed it. For those unaware, in his last 11 games, Schwimmer has given up just two hits and 1 run (a HR to Jason Heyward) , while walking only 5 and fanning 17 batters in just 11 innings. Apparently Charlie has noticed, as he apparently made the good list, was now one of Charlies guys, and got the 8th inning today.

So of course, facing the 7-8-9 batters, it went single, sac bunt, walk, double, 2 runs scored, single RUN SCORED, before he mercifully got who else, but Holliday and Beltran to end the inning.Here's hoping that inning didn't affect Charlies actual decent pen management philosophy today.

Scripted by the book.

Well, Erik Kratz takes your script, chews it like beef jerky and smashes it to kingdom come. Just like he did that 2 out first pitch 97 MPH Mitchell Boggs sinker in the 8th inning today.


fast forward to the 11th, Kratz leads off with a double, insanely gets thrown out at 3B on a infield grounder to the SS, but his power is so mighty that two batters later he willed Juan Pierre into legging out a walk of infield single.

Game Over. Phils win.

The Phillies were outhit today 14-7. 8 runs on 7 hits, but half of those hits don't count.

Also, Erik Kratz now has 6 HR in just 45 AB's

For those of you who turned it off, shame on you. For those of you who didn't watch, shame on you too. The Phils are playing exciting, fun to watch baseball.

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