Phrenetically Phriday Phillies Links Phor You, September 14, 2012: Problem? We Have a Houston.

Seconds before his head is caught between an onrushing gigantic lime wedge and a bottle of bland Mexican beer, Juan Pierre casts his eyes beseechingly toward heaven. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Ed. Note: Filling in for the travelling Trev223, I post for your late workweek enjoyment the following dispatches with Trev's commentary. Here's to a weekend of winning, man. You know, better than LOSING? Enjoy. - Wet Luzinski.

Bit light on links today. Much of what is circulating around the usual suspects has been dealt with better in these very hallowed blogging halls. If you're deeply interested in reading Ryan Lawrence going all in and then immediately eulogizing the Phillies on the first loss, well, you won't have trouble. Here is a representative sampling:

Phillies Lose 6-4 to Astros to Snap Seven Game Winning Streak --

This is the first time I've ever seen the verb "to snap" used in reference to a winning streak, but okay. The comments are a Child's Treasury of Found Poetry and Just Missing the Point.

Sam Donnellon: Don't be so Fast to Dismiss Phils' Manuel --

Before you read this, make sure you're in a place where you can rage against. Hot lines include giving credit to Ryne Sandberg for "the reclamation of Domonic Brown" before giving credit to Charlie for the success of "Kevin Frandsen, Eric Kratz, Domonic Brown, John Mayberry and, lest we forget, Kyle Kendrick." Plus the question of how Sandberg "would handle Rollins' habitual bouts of insubordination." Oh, Sam.

Phillies Reveal 2013 Schedule -- The Phillies Zone

Skip ahead to the part on Ruf. Charlie says that Ruf is and is not ready for the big moment within a single sentence. It's like a koan.

Another Example of Just How Jacked Up This Season Has Been -- High Cheese

Murph probably wanted to use a different word ending with -cked, but given his limitations, we'll forgive him the odd diction. This is kind of a weird - dare I say schmenkman-esque? - stat note. Obviously schmenk would have included a graph and far better historical data, but who's counting?

Esotericky Botallico's Thoughts on Yesterday's Win -- ZooWithRoy

In which ZWR effectively does my schtick better with minimal effort.

After the jump, a couple of Fangraphs, one for priming you for the hot stove, one for sweet, sweet haterade.

Chase Headley: Exceeder of Dreams -- Fangraphs.

I'm getting more and more used to Joe's prediction that RAJ is going to trade for Headley. At least he's likely to maintain some of his torrid pace.

Yadier Molina Appreciation Gif -- Fangraphs.

Let the hate flow through you.


Bonus links from Wet Luzinski:

First: Breaking:

Inside the Phillies: Assessing the chances of Phillies and five other teams chasing second wild card. --

Nothing particularly earth-shattering, but my print edition this morning seemed to indicate that the Inquirer has been working on cloning Bob Brookover (::shudders::), possibly with the intent of sending one of them to L.A. so he can thump the tub to get the Dodgers to get rid of Shane Victorino.

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