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Rollins is already 2nd on the Phillies all-time list in several categories, and will likely add two more by the time the season ends next week.

So you're telling me there's a chance...

Before we update the milestones, this will probably be the last time we'll be looking at the NL Wildcard standings. We really only care about the Phillies (win out) and Cardinals (lose out), but this is what needs to happen to force a 5-way time for the 2nd wild card spot:


Phillies Hitters vs. Projections

Phillies hitters' OPS compared to the past three years, and to what various projection systems predicted for 2012. Also includes recent trends (last 30 and last 7 days):


Jimmy Rollins
- Rollins' single last night tied Ed Delahanty for 2nd most total bases in Phillies history with 3,230, behind only Mike Schmidt, who is out of reach at 4,404. Rollins is already 2nd in Phils history in extra base hits.
- 1 more plate appearance (686th) will tie him with Richie Ashburn for 2nd most in Phillies history, with 8,223.
- If he plays in 5 of the Phillies' last 6 games (for 158 total), he will also tie Ashburn for 2nd most in Phillies history in games played, with 1,794.

So a week from now he could be 2nd on the Phillies' all-time list in all of these categories:

Games: ~1,794. Schmidt is first at 2,404, or four full seasons away.
PAs: ~8,247. Schmidt is first at 10,062, and Rollins would have to average 606 in 2013-15 to pass him.
ABs: ~7,501. Schmidt is first at 8,352, so Rollins would likely pass him sometime in 2014.
Doubles: ~422. Delahanty is first at 442 -- Rollins will probably pass him next year.
Extra base hits: ~721. Schmidt is first with 1,015, and well out or reach under Rollins' current contract.
Total bases: ~3,240. Schmidt is first with 4,404, and well out of reach.
More on Rollins' climb up the Phillies record book in this recent milestones post.

- Scoring 2 more runs will give give him 100 for the 6th time in his career.
- He nees 3 RBIs (70 total) to tie Cy Williams for 11th in Phillies history, at 795.
- He needs 2 home runs (25 total) to tie Bobby Abreu for 10th in Phillies history with 195.
- His next triple (6th) will tie Sam Thompson for 3rd on the Phillies list at 106. After hitting 5 triples in his first 85 games this year, he hasn't had any in his last 67.

Chase Utley
- He has 199 home runs and his next one (12th this year) will make him the 9th Phillie to reach 200.

Ryan Howard
- Howard's next extra base hit will tie Pat Burrell for 9th most in Phillies history, at 518.

- I think it was phillyinportland who had pointed out that challenging these "fastest to the milestone" home run records is only going to get more difficult for Howard going forward. He hit his first 200 at a blistering pace, but has slowed considerably in hitting #201 through 300. In fact, #251-300 have come even more slowly, at a rate of one every 4.76 games, but that can at least partly be attributed to his achilles injury:


In order to even remain the second fastest through 350, he would have to accelerate to one every 4.10 games. And to catch up to Babe Ruth for second fastest to 400, he would need to homer once every 3.81 games:



Roy Halladay
- He needs 2 wins (12 total) to reach 200, and when he does he will become the 3rd active pitcher with 200+, joining Jamie Moyer (269) and Andy Petitte (243).
- With the loss on Saturday, his winning percentage slipped from 5th all-time, to 7th. If his next decision is a win, however, he will jump back into 5th.

Cliff Lee
- Lee needs 5 Ks to reach 200 for the 2nd time in his career. Last year (238) was his first.

Jonathan Papelbon
- Tuesday's save was his 37th this year, and tied him with Todd Worrell for 30th All-time at 256.

Also, in a former Phillie note, Shane Victorino stole his 200th base on Tuesday, becoming the 25th active player to reach that level.

For reference:
- MLB All-time leaders: Hitting and Pitching
- Phillies All-time leaders: Hitting and Pitching

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