2013 TGP Fantasy Baseball League Rosters

Well, the wait is over, and it's time to announce Your 2013 TGP Fantasy Leagues! While I as fantasy grand poobah was unable to accommodate every request, everyone who posted in the exit interviews and the most recent call-to-arms is in at least one league. So, that's good news! Here are the rosters as they stand currently:

CBS League, 16 Teams:

Trev223, Phrozen, JoeCatz, Cormican, TheOrangeCone, 88Lindros88, j reed, lizroscher, mattwinks, EREX21, Walcott, Ant, WetLuzinski, RememberThePhitans, FanSince1993, and TwistyWristy

Yahoo! League, 14 Teams:

Rujasu, jrobulls, Vince1129, pretzalz, LeepinLizards, Mahatma119, TheMadHopper, j_alt, Jaypoozle, park.jaesang, Delicious Cake, dbssaber, The Legend, and phillies0100

ottoneu Keeper League, 14 Teams:

Trev223, Rujasu, Cormican, Joecatz, TheOrangeCone, 88Lindros88, lizroscher, philsandthrills, mattwinks, EREX21, phillies0100, Ant, FanSince1993, dbssaber

Y'all will get emails shortly. I promise that, with each and every choice, I put some thought into it, so if there's any disappointment or annoyance, please let me know in the comments, and I'll be happy to respond (and I promise it won't just be with a dismissive gif...okay, I only kind of promise that). Also, if I missed any of you amongst the multitude who wanted to be signed up, and you do not see your name above, please let me know ASAP, and I will make changes. Finally, do remember that if you're signed up for the keeper league, it's a 10 dollar fee to register your team. Let me know if that looks to be an issue, and we'll figure something out.

We will also need to figure out the commissioning situations for the leagues this year. I think, between myself and Phrozen, we have CBS worked out, and, unless some Samaritan wants to, I'll take on the ottoneu league since I was the one who suggested it in the first place. We will need someone (or someones), however, to run the Yahoo! league. I'm assuming, phillies0100, that you'd like a break from commish duties, but if you'd like to retain unilateral power, just let us know, and you'll be sent your Dictator-for-life commemorative hat and sash. Otherwise, volunteers are henceforth solicited. We'll stay apprised of the commissioning and draft scenarios in future updates.

And as one final final note, I've received word from above that there will be a fourth league opening up in the next month or so. It will be an official TGP league on Yahoo!, and entry and specifics are TBD. That said, if anyone missed the bus on this round of sign-ups, that's something to look forward to (though, if you beg in creative enough ways, maybe those last two spots on the current Yahoo! team are up for discussion). Viva fantasy!

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