Phillies Ranked 9th Most Valuable Franchise

Jeff Zelevansky

The median value of a MLB franchise has surpassed $800 million, and the Phillies are ranked 9th, at just over a billion dollars.

Bloomberg released its valuations of each MLB franchise last week, considering value derived from these sources:

1) A team's baseball operations: ticket sales, concessions, sponsorships, and broadcast rights
2) Interests in Regional Sports Networks and radio stations
3) Related business such as real estate
4) The team's share in MLB Advanced Media, baseball's internet and mobile division

The Phillies are valued at $1.04 billion, which ranks them 9th in MLB, and makes them one of 10 franchises valued at $1 billion or more. Since purchasing the team for $30 million from the Carpenter family in 1981, the current owners have benefited from $1 billion of appreciation in their investment. While the Phillies are 9th in overall franchise value, they are 5th in the value derived from baseball operations, which is pegged at $928 million. That's 89% of the overall value of the franchise, with the balance coming from the team's $110 million share of MLB Advanced Media.  The 89% is the highest percentage any MLB franchise derives from its baseball operations.

The 30 franchises can be viewed in four distinct tiers:

#1: Yankees $3.3 billion
#2-4: Dodgers, Red Sox, and Mets, all around $2.1 billion
#5-12: 8 clubs with values between roughly $1.0 and $1.3 billion, including the Phillies
#13-30: 18 clubs valued between $531 and $855 million

About the Yankees:

"The Yankees are as successful as you can possibly be," said Lee Berke, a sports media consultant and author of YES Network’s original business plan. "It’s the culmination of a perfect storm coming together: the nation’s number one market, professional sports’ most successful team and tremendously savvy and aggressive ownership."

And the Phillies:

Fourteen teams have stakes in regional sports networks. Of the 10 teams valued at $1 billion or more, only the Philadelphia Phillies don’t have one. The team and Comcast are in negotiations for a new TV contract. Their current deal ends in 2015.

The Bloomberg article lays all this out in a very nifty interactive infographic:


But for another (and in some ways more useful) view, this is the same data in tabular form:



Also included in the Bloomberg report was each team's revenue, in total and by major source.


The Phillies' revenue is the 5th highest in MLB, buoyed by the 3rd highest gate receipts ($142 M), and the 5th highest concessions revenue ($28 M) in the game. They get $73 M from media rights, which ranks 18th in the majors, although as 88lindros88 has reported, that is likely to change soon.

Interesting for those of us who fork it out for each game we attend, the Phillies make $9 million from parking, tied for second most behind only the Dodgers.

Revenue by source:

On average, teams get 31% of their revenue from gate receipts, and slightly more (32%), from media rights. Due to their less lucrative (for now) TV contract, the Phillies rely on gate receipts for almost half of their revenue, with 23% coming from media rights:


Another way to view revenue is in terms of tickets sold. With $7.4 billion in total annual revenue across MLB, and 74.3 million tickets sold, teams on average make just under $100 per seat sold. Only some of that is directly from attendance, of course, including $31 from gate receipts, $8 from concessions, and $2 from parking.

The Phillies get $47 in gate receipts per ticket sold, about 50% more than the MLB average:


Revenue sharing: High revenue teams (i.e. teams with revenue over the median of $220 million, it appears) contribute a portion of their revenue (on average 30% of all revenue above the median) to a pool that totals about $360 million, which is then distributed to low revenue teams.  The Phillies contributed $29 million.


Below is how each team ranks in the various valuation and revenue categories:


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