I Still Get Chills: Phillies 2008 Postseason Highlight Reel

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Some things I never get tired of.

This month marks the five year anniversary of the Phillies' successful journey through the postseason. We'll have coverage for you throughout the month, featuring video clips, memories and personal stories, and maybe a game recap or two.

But on this Friday of four postseason games, none of which feature the Phillies, let's remember the good times. The fine folks at @BRefPlayIndex tweeted this earlier.

For your viewing pleasure, here's a bigger version of the video.

Allow me to take you through my emotions as I watched this video at work today.

00:19 -- Oh my God this song is PERFECT for this montage. I want to make love to this guitar line.
01:07 -- Seriously, Cole Hamels, why are you so awesome? Look at you, making the Dodgers all angry with your superior pitching.
01:32 -- Angry Joe Torre, sad Dodgers fans, happy Liz office chair dance.
01:37 -- Looks like someone is throwing a temper tantrum! IT MUST HAVE BEEN SO HARD BEING WORSE THAN THE PHILLIES AND LOSING TO THEM! 
01:55 -- BRETT MYERS ON BASE [does chest shakey arm waving dance to music with office door completely open]
02:28 -- "Stairs rips one into the night" [never ending fist pumps]
03:07 -- Look at all those excited people! I'm getting amped up!! WHY IS MY HEART POUNDING THIS HAPPENED FIVE YEARS AGO
03:31 -- You enjoy your moment on the bases, Jimmy Rollins! You are totally right to admire the Ryan Howard home run BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.
03:44 -- The World Series had a Joe Blanton home run. !!!!!?!?!
03:53 -- Chase Utley has an endless supply of awesome that he doles out as he sees fit. October 2008 was a time of plenty. [swoons]
04:31-38 -- [righteous headbanging and air guitar]
04:38 to end -- [full out daytime office dance party as my boss walks by]

As we celebrate one of the most awesome months in the history of recorded time (it really was, it was super awesome in every way and I will fight you), we want to hear from you. Write fanposts featuring your favorite 2008 postseason stories. It can be from any postseason game -- don't limit yourself to the World Series. Do you have more than one great story or memory? Then write as many fanposts as it takes! I want to read them. (I'm being entirely serious.) Reading about other people's 2008 memories makes me so happy. I bet writing about it will make you happy, too. We'll feature as many as we can on the front page of the site, and tweet the links to our adoring twitter followers. Let's reminisce about 2008 and be happy together.

The Phillies were terrible this season, but they haven't always been terrible, and they won't always be terrible in the future. But to get us through this rough patch, let's luxuriate in the memories of the recent past. October 2008 was so freaking awesome, and it still fills my heart with unbridled joy to remember it.

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