2013 Phillies Exit Interviews: Tyler Cloyd

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Our 2012 Paul Owens Award pitcher leaves us without much fanfare.

Tyler Cloyd at Fangraphs

Tyler Cloyd at Baseball Reference

It was certainly "A Tale of Two Cloyds" throughout 2013 as he could never duplicate his efforts for very long.  A "finesse" pitcher like Cloyd often relies on pinpoint placement as opposed to overpowering stuff.  His fastball barely clocked in over 86 MPH.  Not to say you can't be successful at the level throwing that slow, but you really need to know how to paint corners.  Cloyd had moderate success after being called up for the first time in late May and pitched well enough until mid-June (28.2 IP, 11 ER, 12 BB, 14 K) when lefty John Lannan was ready to come off the DL.

Cloyd then struggled immensely in Lehigh going 4 starts, giving up 23 ER in 21.1 IP.  Something then must have clicked.  He would then have 7 starts (47.1 IP) in which he gave up a total of only 7 ER, only walking 5 and striking out 32.  Tyler got the call back to the big club for the 3rd time this season where more disappointing results would follow.  This included 5 starts giving up 5 or more runs.  Oddly enough, Cloyd's FIP between AAA (4.69) and the majors (4.49) weren't that far off, despite the the see-saw effort this season.

This was a year where it didn't matter where he was pitching or what batter he was facing.  His splits were evenly awful in about every category you can think of.  Cloyd was placed on waivers October 2, 2013 to make room on the 40 man roster and was promptly claimed by the playoff hopeful Cleveland Indians.  He is arbitration eligible for the next 3 seasons (2016-2018) and can't become a free agent until 2019.  Will he be in the league by then? I would be highly surprised as he has shown very limited success as a starter and conversion to a relief is not suitable for a pitcher like Cloyd.  My take is he will likely hang on as a 6th/7th starter in AAA for the Indians, much like he has done for the Phillies the past 2 years.  We have seen all we really needed to of Cloyd to know exactly the type of pitcher he is.  Best of luck to you Tyler.  Display that Paul Owens Award proudly.

Tyler Cloyd's Exit Interview with Ruben Amaro Jr.:

1) This season has been an unmitigated disaster. How did you contribute to that disaster?

I did so intermittently on 4 separate occasions.  I was finding my groove the first time until that big eyebrowed monster Lannan decided he could "pitch" again.

2) If I had traded you mid-season, would the team have done better or worse?

Honestly, I wish you put me on waivers sooner.  Or traded me for cash.  Can I have some cash?

3) All of my options are open for next year. Should I trade you, release you, or keep you?

I'm already gone baby, gone.

4) Some people have questioned whether I should keep my job. Tell them to go fuck themselves by explaining why I should keep it forever.

Hell, you gave a slop hurler like me a chance.  I'd be forehead high in a cornfield if it wasn't for you.

5) Overall, explain to me how your time with the Philadelphia Phillies has been the highlight of your life.

Well, I would often listen to 94.1 WIP back in 2012 to hear the "people" clamoring for me to be called up.  I was the "youth" they were all looking for.  They heard my ERA was like under 2.00 from Angelo Cataldi and they wanted me on the team so bad.  I liked that Rube.  It felt great to be wanted.

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