Amaro talks Schierholtz, Brown

Bob Brookover has published a typical Brookover article over at titled (inappropriately, in my mind) "The Puzzle Comes Together," in which Ruben gives us some insight as to why Nate Schierholtz was non-tendered. I read the article so you don't have to, because you probably have better things to do, like returning some videotapes or something. Regarding Schierholtz:

"Unfortunately, Nate didn't get a chance to play enough for us to be able to evaluate him to see if he was going to be an everyday player for us," Amaro said. "We wanted to give ourselves some clearance to do the things we needed to do - in particular, being able to sign a guy like Mike Adams for $6 million a year."


"He could blow up, but we feel like it was a good risk," Amaro said. "If he comes back and pitches 95 or even 90 percent of what he was, he's the best setup guy in the game.

So, that happened. The Phillies had to let Schierholtz walk because they needed to sign a reliever who will be 35 this season and is coming off of major surgery, and whose K/9 numbers have declined each year since 2009. For $12 million dollars over the next couple years. Okie-dokie. As much as I think the Adams signing was completely unnecessary--fungibility of relievers being a thing and such--it wasn't really a big deal when viewed in a vacuum. When you put it in the context of costing them the financial flexibility to keep a potentially useful left-handed RF in Schierholtz, which then likely begat the Delmon Young signing, the totality of all those moves starts to look a bit uglier.

Rube also loses points for the idiotic defined "set-up guy" role comment, but that's not completely fair because I shouldn't expect much more from him there. Slightly more puzzling is fact that the Phillies were worried about salary over a guy whose arbitration number was going to be somewhere in the low $1MM range. Not sure I completely buy that story, to be honest.

Moving on to the Dom Brown quote:

"We were hopeful that Domonic [Brown] would lock down one of those corner outfield spots," Amaro said. "He did not do that. He still may do that . . . but we can't necessarily count on that to happen. Because of that, then we were kind of filling all three outfield positions."

I'm going to be generous and just assume he's talking about Dom's performances over the last 3 years, and not just 200 at bats of .260 BABIP ball over the 2nd half of last season, because, you know, that sample size might not be representative of his actual skills. I'm not really sure of what to make of the assertion that Brown may still win a corner OF spot. I'm guessing he's thinking of him winning a starting job like Jayson Werth eventually won a starting job, because if he's going to base any roster moves on spring training...well....yuck.

But there's not really enough there to get too upset over any of that, so to this point I'm just going to chalk it up to random words that came out of Amaro's mouth to placate a reporter.

A couple of other tidbits about that article:

  • There's a pretty strange poll about this year's team, with the middle option (of three) suggesting that the bullpen and outfield are potential problems. I get the latter, but the bullpen? Seems like both traditionalists and SABR-types would be fairly content with the bullpen heading in to spring.
  • RAJ also mentions that the Phillies were surprised to hear that Revere was available after they dealt Span, but that the Twins actually mentioned him while the Phillies were inquiring on other players. Josh Willingham, perhaps?

In any event, the article had those little nuggets of Amaro's mind, for whatever they're worth, and I wouldn't blame anyone if they didn't read Brookover's stuff daily, so I figured some might find it interesting. Or not.

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