The Ghosts of Phillies Past: Phillies 3, Marlins 1 (10)

Oh, I'm sorry, am I stepping on your head? - Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports


The 2012 Phillies came back to haunt the 2013 Phillies in tonight's 3-1 extra innings win.

The 2013 Miami Marlins contain more than a few ex-Phillies. Juan Pierre, Greg Dobbs, Placido Polanco, and Chad "still a major league pitcher" Qualls being the most recent and well known. What this says about them as a team... well, it speaks for itself, doesn't it? But tonight, the Marlins had just four hits against the Phillies, and Pierre and Polanco were responsible for three of them. Polanco had two hits and knocked in the Marlins' only run. It was a tough night offensively for them, with The Mighty Giancarlo Stanton scratched late with shoulder soreness. Ricky Nolasco kept them in it, though, allowing seven hits and one run over six innings.

The Phillies racked up a few more hits than the Marlins, but were unable to capitalize on them. They left nine men on base tonight. Ryan Howard did hit two doubles, though, and Domonic Brown had two hits and an RBI to boot. Chase Utley's 10th inning triple scored the winning run tonight (*swoon*), and Michael Young singled home an insurance run for good measure.

But while the hitting was nice (it always is with Chase Utley), the game really came down to pitching and defense. John Lannan had another impressive outing, holding the Marlins to three hits and one run over six innings. He picked off Justin Ruggiano at second base. He even doubled in the third inning. He was left without a decision again, but that hardly matters. He may not be the most exciting pitcher to watch, but he was efficient and quick tonight. I like John Lannan. There, I said it. And it wasn't as weird as I thought it would be!

Antonio Bastardo was filthy as he struck out the side in the seventh. Then, Mike Adams and Phillippe Aumont were called upon to pitch the eighth and ninth innings, respectively. Adams got into trouble with one out and runners on first and third, but Donovan Solano connected with a pitch about a foot outside the strike zone and hit into a inning ending double play. Aumont would get a similar double play to end the ninth inning.

With the exception about about five full minutes, tonight's game was a low energy snoozefest. But the Phillies won a close game, the bullpen didn't fuck up, and Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Domonic Brown all got hits. You can't always get what you want (in this case, an embarrassing beat down of the Marlins). But if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. This win brings the Phillies to an even 5-5 on the season, and the Marlins fall to 1-9.


Source: FanGraphs

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