Lose big or lose home: Indians 6, Phillies 0

Jason Miller

Don't bore me.

Tonight's disappointing snoozefest of a loss closed the book on this Phillies road trip. This 6-0 losing effort brings them to 12-16 record overall. They're tied with the Mets for third in the NL, 5.5 games back of the first place Braves. Tonight's game was long and painful in spots, especially after last nights laffer. If the Phillies are going to lose a lot, they could at least have the decency to lose with aplomb. If you're going to be bad, be flamboyantly bad.

I'm sorry, that's really depressing. I should have started with this:

Today I went to a traveling petting zoo that was set up near my office. I held a puppy and a bunny, and I spent time petting a little piglet basking in the sun. It was the best. Maybe that will make what comes next a little easier to deal with.

Cliff Lee wasn't all that sharp tonight. In fact, in the third inning he allowed three infield hits and three runs. Fun fact: the Indians scored one run on three more infield hits with Jeremy Horst pitching in the seventh! Isn't that just super? Cliff Lee allowed five runs -- four earned -- on nine hits and two walks. He only had four strikeouts.

To be fair, though, the Phillies offense was atrocious. It wouldn't have mattered if Cliff Lee had allowed only one run. They still would have lost. Trevor Bauer had schizophrenic outing, walking six in five innings, but allowing just one hit. He gave the Phillies plenty of chances, walking the lead off batter in four of five innings. But they couldn't capitalize, leaving an obscene number of men on base. When Bauer was actually in the strike zone, he was damn near unhittable. The only bright spot was Domonic Brown. He was the only player to get a hit off Bauer, and he was responsible for two of the Phillies three total hits tonight.

The Phillies walked seven times tonight and didn't score a single, solitary run. I just know that Ruben Amaro is going to use this game as evidence that walking isn't important.

Kyle Kendrick pitches tomorrow. Thank God. Kyle, in words of the fabulous RuPaul: "Don't fuck it up." (Seriously, watch that video. You won't regret it.)

I'm serving up Fangraph realness.

Source: FanGraphs

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