Worst Hitting Phillie Since 1998 to Return to Team?

Hey girl . . . let me show you what a .509 OPS looks like. - Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

If Jim Salisbury is correct, the worst hitting Phillie since 1998 is on his way to Minnesota to replace Cesar Hernandez.

The Twitterverse is aflutter today with rumors of the Phillies most recent roster move:

If Salisbury is right, in the midst of this team-wide futility, the Phillies are adding the worst hitter they've had since the start of 1999. Yes, Michael Martinez is that bad a hitter.

Here's how it breaks down. Since the start of the 1999 season, the Phillies have had 59 position players who have accumulated more than 200 plate appearances as Phillies. Of those 59 players, not a single one has a lower cumulative OPS as a Philadelphia Phillie. Here are the bottom ten Phillies hitters since 1999:

Player PA From To BA OBP SLG OPS
Kevin Jordan 865 1999 2001 0.251 0.303 0.349 0.652
Wilson Valdez 663 2010 2011 0.254 0.300 0.351 0.652
Mickey Morandini 341 2000 2000 0.252 0.324 0.315 0.639
Freddy Galvis 344 2012 2013 0.221 0.265 0.364 0.629
Brian Schneider 384 2010 2012 0.212 0.295 0.327 0.622
Johnny Estrada 343 2001 2002 0.222 0.270 0.349 0.619
Abraham Nunez 656 2006 2007 0.221 0.310 0.277 0.587
Ben Revere 217 2013 2013 0.254 0.296 0.284 0.579
Eric Bruntlett 356 2008 2009 0.202 0.273 0.278 0.550
Michael Martinez 358 2011 2013 0.187 0.239 0.270 0.509

Only four players on this list have a cumulative Phillies OPS under .600 (including current centerfield wunderkind Ben Revere). What makes Martinez so special, though, is that not only is his OPS one of those 4, but his OPS is the only one under .550, and only .009 above .500. This is a truly horrendous offensive player.

Yet, here he is, most likely joining the Phillies yet again. What was it that George Bush II said?

And now for three trivia questions about this measure:

- I stopped at 1999 because from 1997 to 1998, someone else posted a horrendous .469 OPS in 247 plate appearances. That is the worst OPS since 1990 (I didn't go back before then) out of the 99 position players with at least 200 plate appearances as a Phillie. Martinez is second worst to this player. Can you name him?

- Two pitchers with 200 Phillies plate appearances since 1990 have a cumulative OPS higher than Martinez. Can you guess them? Answers in the comments below.

- Bobby Abreu has the second highest Phillies OPS since 1990 with a .928 OPS. Can you name number 1 - almost .050 higher than Abreu? Answer also in the comments.

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