FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T PITCH TO JONATHAN LUCROY (aka Phillies at Brewers Series Preview 6/6-6/9)

Mike McGinnis

my god, just learn and don't do it this time.

Fresh off their first 3-game series sweep of the season, the Phillies are riding high after sinking the Fish. Domonic Brown did his thing (yawn), and timely hitting was had in late innings. In game two in particular, there was some really timely hitting off the bat of John Mayberry, in a game that all but looked dead in the water.

The Phillies take that streak into Miller Park for a four-gamer in Wisconsin. The Phillies match up against Wily Peralta, Afredo Figaro, MYSTERY BOX, and Kyle Lohse. Figargo, to my surprise is not the most Italian person on the planet, but not even Italian! Peralta was seen in the last series, where he looked anything but his 5+ ERA. In the series finale, we'll get to see our old buddy Kyle Lohse, who isn't having a good start to the season, after failing to get the contract he and agent Scott Boras expected.

Let's talk about that Jonathan Lucroy guy. He went 8-13 in the Phillies-Brewers series at CBP, with 3 homers, a double, a triple, and 8 RBI. He pretty much ran roughshod over Phillies pitching. Not to say there isn't a certain player the Phillies have that's on a massive run of his own?

Domonic Brown homered again yesterday. Ho hum.

In Brown's last 7 games, he's hitting .429 with 5 homers, a triple, 12 RBI and 2 walks. I know, right? 2 WALKS?! How?!

In a park like Miller, there is no reason to not expect Dom Brown to continue this amazing production, especially against the pitching put in front of him.

As we saw in the last series, the Brewers have more than Ryan Braun. We already talked about Jonathan Lucroy, but there's also Norichika Aoki and disappearing ball magician Jean Segura, who has a .913 OPS to go with 8 homers on the season. And let's not forget about Carlos Gomez, who leads the NL in fWAR with 3.5. Gomez has 10 home runs this year, continuing his power surge from last year's 19, to go with a .942 OPS.

What do I expect from this series? Well, I'm pretty much done with saying that the Phillies will come out on top in the series and have a positive record when it's all said and done. I did that before and they got swept. I tried AGAIN and they got one win out of the series. I DON'T make a series preview? They *sweep* the Marlins.

My prediction? Domonic Brown does stuff and the Phillies play baseball.


ps: i hope to god they don't show those hipster brewers fans

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