Phillies 2013 Draft Day 2 Recap

The Phillies reached for some talent today - USA TODAY Sports

In a change of pace the Phillies drafted 11 players so far and not a single High School Pitcher. They went largely up the middle defensively Drafting 2 Catchers, 2 Shortstops and a Center Fielder.

Okay, so here's the Phillies M.O. They only draft Toolsy Players who can't play baseball. They crave projectable High School arms, especially Lefties. They draft power bats and arms. Well, most of that is true for every team, but the talk in a lot of places might lead you to think that's all the Phillies ever draft. The Phillies got some of those guys this year, but there seemed to be a bit of a change in their usual strategy. Let's look at who they got on Day 2. You can find my notes on Third Round picks Cord Sandberg and Jan Hernandez here.

In the Fourth Round, the Phillies took Jake Sweaney, a High School Catcher from central California. Sweaney is a two sport star and is no slouch in sport #2, football. He's a 6'2", 175 lb player with above average speed for a Catcher. Once you start getting this far down in the draft you may start finding guys you don't know much about scouting-wise. The extent of what I do know is that Sweaney is pretty raw as a Catcher. As you often see with 2 sport stars, they haven't spent as much time developing skills so there's more projection left for scouts. Maybe Sweaney sticks, maybe not. All reports seem to indicate he's plenty athletic to stick. All his tools are pretty average, but there are plenty of valuable players with across the board average tools. Sweaney has a commitment to Oregon, but maybe now that Chip Kelly is in Philly... Here's a few videos you may enjoy

Sweaney reacting to his selection

Sweaney hitting, fielding, etc

Speaking of Oregon, in the 5th round the Phillies took their first Pitcher, Oregon State Lefty Ben Holmes-Wetzler (he is Simply Ben Weltzer everywhere but Wetzler is more in the Adam Morgan mold. He's a 6'1" 210 lb, 3 year starting pitcher. He's a three pitch guy with a Low 90's Fastball, a Slider and a Changeup. The Changeup has plus potential, but everything else is just average potential. Should be able to move quickly through the system. For a guy who profiles as a control specialist, he sure walks a lot of guys. If you're interested in seeing him, OSU is still alive in the playoffs, and he's the likely starter in their 4 PM Saturday 6/8. If he is a Fastball and Changeup guy he has a chance to stick as a starter and not just be relegated to LOOGY. The Phillies will work to improve all 3 pitches, but I don't think they're likely to work to develop any new pitches yet.

With the 6th rounder the Phillies took Jason Monda a 6'4" 205 lb Left handed hitting and throwing Outfielder from Washington State. If you asked Marti Wolever where his best scouts are, he probably wouldn't say, but if you gave him sodium pentathol then asked him, he'd tell you they're in Southern Cal and the Pacific Northwest. Of course, you could skip the Kidnapping charges and just look at the Phillies draft history and infer as much, party poopers. Monda could prove a valuable pick down the line, mined by the cream of the Phillies scouting crops. Monda is already an advanced hitter with a rather high floor. His profile is somewhat reminiscent of John Mayberry Jr. He can handle Center well enough, but is probably a Right Fielder. He's not a blazing fast runner, but he's smart enough to be successful on the basepaths. Monda is a little inconsistent and streaky, he'll need work, but he has the ceiling to be a regular MLB Right Fielder. His floor is AAAA Right Fielder and occasional 5th Outfielder. There is a chance that Monda returns to WSU to try to improve his draft stock with a consistent Senior season. I think that's very unlikely and risky, though a consistent Senior season may move him up a few rounds and that's more risk than return there.

In the 7th the Phillies went to a Junior College and grabbed Third Base prospect Trey Williams. He's a 6'1" 210 lb Right Handed hitter. Defensively Trey is very smooth and fluid, capable of being a plus defender. He should hit for Above-average power and average. His speed is average to above-average and his arm is plus. If that sounds more like a First Round talent, well that's because he is. So, how the hell did the Phillies get him in the 7th? Williams doesn't have a great reputation. Last year he slipped due to a commitment to Pepperdine that raised signability concerns, as well as a reputation as a loafer who doesn't put out top effort. To make himself eligible for the 2013 draft he skipped Pepperdine and went the Juco route. His rep followed him though and he still slipped. Sometimes uber-athletic players simply are good enough to make things look so easy they appear to be not trying. If that's the case here, Williams could be the steal of the draft.

Justin Parr is a 6'2" 190 lb Right hander without a defined position. In College he played Center, Left, Fist, Second and DH. He's likely a corner outfielder moving forward. He was the Big Ten player of the year in 2013 and had a 33 game hitting streak.

In the 9th the Phillies grabbed Shane Martin a 6'4" 215 lb RHP from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Martin spent his first 2 seasons at SWOSU in the bullpen moving to the rotation full time in 2013. Projectable frame.

Finally to wrap up the day they took Jon Prosinski, a RHP from the hotbed that is Seton Hall. He's 6'3", 195 lbs. That's pretty much my knowledge here at the moment. I did find a video of an interview with him though. That said, the Phillies tend to do well with prospects from their backyard, so I'll trust them here.

It's entirely possible those last few picks are there as cheap, easy signs with some upside. They'll need the money if the want to go at all overslot from here on out. Everyone tomorrow get $100K, tops, unless the Phillies can save a few bucks at the back of the top 10.

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